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Exmouth Aquathlon

23 September 2018

Event Overview

Exeter Triathlon Club - Exmouth Aquathlon (Swim > Run) Novice Race - 300m swim, 2.5km run. Sprint Race - 600m swim, 5km run. TriStar Start - 50m swim, 600m run, TriStar 1 - 100m swim, 1200m run, TriStar 2 - 200m swim, 1800m run, TriStar 3 - 300m swim, 2400m run

Event Information

Events and Distances

Race Distances
Novice Aquathlon (Minimum Age 15 as of 31/12/2018) Swim 300m, Run 2500m
Sprint Aquathlon (Minimum Age 15 as of 31/12/2018) Swim 600m, Run 5000m
TriStar 1 Aquathlon (Age 9 - 10 as of 31/12/2018) Swim 100m, Run 1200m
TriStar 2 Aquathlon (Age 11 - 12 as of 31/12/2018) Swim 200m, Run 1800m
TriStar 3 Aquathlon (Age 13 - 14 as of 31/12/2018) Swim 300m, Run 2400m
TriStar Start Aquathlon (Age 8 as of 31/12/2018) Swim 50m, Run 600m

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