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Inter Regional Championships

The IRC's are the National Championships for the TriStar2 & TriStar3 triathletes, with only the best from each region selected to compete.

Inter Regional Championships 2020

The Inter-Regional Championships (IRCs) in 2020 have unfortunately been cancelled due to the on-going situation around COVID-19. Should racing be possible at Mallory Park 12 & 13 September, we will look to offer Tristar 2 and Tristar 3 athletes the option to race in an open entry event.

What are the Inter Regional Championships

More information will be posted here when available.

Additional information in the booklet downloadable below is designed to help parents of young triathletes. In particular parents of young triathletes interested in competing in the Inter Regional Championships (IRC)

IRC Information Booklet

Entry Process

Regional Team Managers are asked to contact as soon as possible so we have your contact details.

Triathletes wishing to qualify for their region should contact their regional committee for details about the qualification process in their area. There is no open entry to these races.


Each team will consist of 12 athletes from which the best 10 scores will be taken for the overall team score. The team with the highest number of points will be the British Inter Regional Champions. 

The IRC scoring chart can be found here


The IRCs will be run under the ITU rules please see useful links for the full listing of these. 

Athletes with front fastening tri-suits must secure the zip so that it cannot come undone at any stage throughout the race.

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