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British Triathlon Youth & Junior Super Series

All you need to know about the Youth and Junior Super Series in 2022


The British Triathlon Youth and Junior Super Series provides up-and-coming athletes from across England, Scotland and Wales with the chance to compete against other high-performing athletes of their age in highly competitive races on a regular basis.

Athletes will compete throughout the year at individual races to earn points for the series, with the overall winners crowned at the end of the series. 2022 will see athletes’ race both triathlon, including heats and finals along with mixed relay, as well as aquathlon formats in line with Performance Pathway development objectives.

Age Categories: 
The age categories for the Youth and Junior Super Series are based on an athlete's year of birth.  For the 2022 season, the age categories will be made up of athletes born in the following years: 
Youth A - 2006 and 2007 

Youth B - 2005 

Junior - 2003 and 2004

All athletes born in or before 2002 are categorised as Seniors and should enter the Senior Super Series. 


Intelligence Race Days & Performance Assessment Weekend

All Youth and Junior athletes wishing to race in the 2022 Super Series are required to attend the Performance Assessment weekend on the 2rd and 3rd of April. Prior to this, athletes will need to attend one of our Bike Intelligent Race Day's (IRD) being held at the start of March.

Focussed on ensuring best athlete development, these IRD’s will be held at multiple venues across the first two weekends in March. For experienced athletes, already racing at this level, they offer the opportunity to dial back into, and further develop, the decision-making skills and technicalities of draft legal riding. For new athletes to the series,  they are a chance to demonstrate their skills are appropriate for national level competition. Information about the March Bike IRD's can be found here

Athletes will then be invited to attend the Performance Assessment Weekend, the first event on the British Triathlon Youth and Junior Super Series. Participants will take part in a swim time-trial and separate run-bike timed event, with the results carrying series points as well as allocating athletes their initial rankings for the series.

For more information about the weekend, please click here.


2022 British Triathlon Youth and Junior Super Series Overview

This initial outline may be subject to change, with events marked TBC still under discussion to ensure that participant experience across the series is the best available.

Event Date Applications

Performance Assessment


2-3 April 2022 -

Llanelli Multisport


14 May 2022 Event Info

Lochore Meadows


19 June 2022

Event Info


Bowood House


25 June 2022

Event Info

Mallory Park 25 July 2022

Event Info

British Triathlon Grand Final Sunderland 

20-21 August 2022 Event Info
Eton Dorney 11 September 2022 Apply Now


To be eligible, participants must be a current British Triathlon Home Nation member. You may be asked to prove your membership when entering and registering at the individual races on the series at the request of the event organiser. Please ensure that your membership record is up to date and that all information on it is correct, entering each race with your name as it appears on your membership card.


Covid-19 Restrictions

All races on the Youth and Junior Super Series will be subject to British Triathlon guidance for events and event organisers, ensuring that they are safe to race at.

Covid-19 Secure measures will be communicated by the organisers of the different races in the build up to the event. Please be aware that these measures may differ when racing across England, Scotland and Wales and they may also affect spectators as well as participants.


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