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2020 ITU Asiago Winter Triathlon World Championships

Event Overview

Event Information

Event Information

General Contacts: Please direct enquiries to or 01509 226 183

Team Manager: Please direct enquires to

Event Website: Event website

Intention to Qualify

To be eligible for qualification athletes must have registered (£10) their intent to qualify by 5pm on Friday 10th January at the latest. See below for further information on selection dates. Please click on the blue 'Register' button on this page and log in with your Home Nation membership number and password. For further information on how to qualify and view a step-by-step guide on how to register please click here.

Please note, to register for this event you will need your performance details on hand to complete your submission. 

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and will be added to the registration list below. Please ensure that your registration has been successful by checking the registration list below. Please check this before the relevant registration deadline as we are not able to make changes after each registration deadline has closed. We are not able to let people register after the final registration has passed.


There are no specific qualifying races for the 2020 ITU Winter Triathlon World Championships. Applicants will be expected to supply evidence of their best winter triathlon performance which includes skiing experience, at an event achieved between September 2018 and the final registration deadline of 5pm Friday the 10th January 2020. Please note you MUST include evidence of your ski racing ability within the race evidence you provide.

Please note if an Age-Group becomes oversubscribed with eligible athletes then results achieved in the previous 12 months will supersede older results. To be eligible for a qualifying place all athletes will be required to have completed their nominated race within 115% of the winner of their age group. 

Athletes will be required to submit performances providing the following information:

Race name and race date
Finish time and finish position
Winner of Age-Groups time
Link to the online results

Please note that you will be unable to complete your submission if you do not provide ALL the above information. 

If you improve your best performance before the final registration deadline and would like to update the result, pleas email Updating your result is free of charge. 

The registration deadlines are as follows:

5pm on Friday 6th December 2019

5pm on Friday 10th January 2020

Any athlete inside 115% of the winner of their age-group that has not qualified due to limited spaces may still be able to qualify with a rolldown place. Details of rolldown places can be found here

In order to be eligible to qualify and compete in this event you must be 18 on the 31st December 2020. Please do not register your interest if you will not meet this age limit, as you will be unable to qualify and compete in the championship.

*Please Note: If you are moving up an age group in 2020, then your qualification will be based on where your finishing time would have placed you in the age-group category you will be racing for in 2020.  Please see point 8.3 in the Terms and Conditions.


At World level, athletes must now finish within the top 15 places in their age group, as well as being one of the first three Great Britain athletes to finish at the 2019 World Championships to then pre-qualify for the 2020 World Championships. Those who have pre-qualifed for the Winter Triathlon may still be required to provide evidence of their ability to ensure the competition is safe for them to compete in.

Further details regarding pre-qualification can be found within our pre-qualification policy.

Allocation of Places

There are 20 places available in each age group. As many as all 20 places can be awarded during the first selection phase if sufficient numbers apply and meet the qualification criteria. The remaining selection phases will allocate any remaining places.

If more than 20 athletes qualify in an age-group then after places are allocated as per results from within 12 months the remaining athletes will be given a rolldown percentage, where relevant, based on the performance result they submitted at the time of registration and may be eligible for a rolldown place.

Allocation of places will be awarded following the 3 registration deadlines outlined in the section above. We endeavour to complete this process and notify athletes within 2 weeks of the deadline. Qualified athletes will be notified by e-mail and will also be marked with a 'Q' next to their name in the registered athletes list below. 

If you believe you have qualified and your name does not have a Q next to it on the registration list and you have not received an email informing you of your selection within two weeks of the final qualification deadline, please contact the Team Manager or Age-Group Administrator to determine why. All Qs and rolldown percentages are inputted on to the website manually so sometimes errors can occur. We encourage athletes to check their status regularly especially within two weeks of each qualifier and to let us know if you see a mistake. Once the two weeks have passed after the final qualifier we may be in the position to offer rolldown places for those eligible and awaiting them. Once rolldown places have been offered we cannot guarantee that places will be available for athletes that did not make us aware of their Q not showing prior to this.


Entries for this event are processed via British Triathlon. If you have qualified, you will receive an email informing you of relevant payment dates and how to proceed with the payment.   

Event Location

Registered Athletes (Female)

Category H (40-44) (2 athletes)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category I (45-49) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category L (60-64) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry

Registered Athletes (Male)

Category F (30-34) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category I (45-49) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category L (60-64) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry

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