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2024 World Super-Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships

Event Overview

Please read the whole page before registering. Once World Triathlon publish the location and date for this event it will be added to this page.

Event Information

Event Information

General Contacts: Please direct enquiries to or 01509 226 183

Team Manager: Please direct enquires to Linda Haywood, email;

Intention to Qualify

To register click on the blue 'Register' button above. You need your Home Nation membership number and password to log in.

Athletes must have a Core or Ultimate British Triathlon membership. Click here for membership information.

Athletes MUST register before 5pm on a registration closing date. 

Once registered, athletes will receive a confirmation email and will be added to the registration list below.

Athletes must check their registration is successful by scrolling the page down and finding the age group they are in for the Championship year. 

No late registrations including amendments will be accepted after the final registration date.

Athletes must be 16 on the 31st December 2024 to be eligible to qualify. Please do not register your interest if you will not meet this age limit, as you will be unable to qualify and compete in the championship.

Register For This Event


To qualify for this event athletes must register their intent to qualify on this page and must take part in at least one of the specific qualification races detailed below. 

Athletes must register before the deadline appropriate to their race. Athletes who register after 5pm on the deadline for a qualification race but then compete in that race will not be considered eligible for qualification from that race and their registration will only cover the remaining races. Once a registration deadline has passed, registration will stay closed for the weekend and re-open on the following Monday.


Qualification Races

Weston Park 2023 Triathlon Super-Sprint 14.05.2023 - Always Aim High Events. Registration closes 5pm Friday 12.05.2023

Bowood House Triathlon 24.06.2023 - Bowood House Triathlon. Registration closes 5pm Friday 23.06.2023

Arctic One Tri and Para Tri Festival 26.08.2023 - The Arctic One Foundation. Registration closes 5pm Friday 25.08.2023

(Click on the race name to go to the race website.)


  • To qualify athletes, need to finish a qualification race in a time which is within 115% of the winner in their age group.
  • Places will be offered automatically to the 4 highest placed athletes per age group who finished within 115% of the winner of their age-group and, that have not already qualified at a previous race. This includes athletes moving up an age group during the Championship year.
  • Any athlete finishing within the 4 highest places as outlined above but outside 115% of the winner of their age-group will only be offered a place at the Team Manager’s discretion.
  • Any athlete finishing outside the automatic places but inside 115% of the winner of their age-group may still be able to qualify with a rolldown place. Details of rolldown places can be found here
  • After each qualifying race the Team Manager will go through the results and allocate the places and rolldown % to all athletes who took part. This may take up to 2 weeks. Successful athletes will be notified of their qualification by email.
  • Athletes who have a % next to their name after the qualification race may be eligible for a rolldown place. These will start to be issued approximately 1 month after the final qualifying race. 

* Race may be draft legal. Please click here for draft legal race guidance. Please click here for draft legal race rules overview

**Please Note: As the qualification races take place in the year preceding the Championships, qualification is based on your finishing time compared to those athletes who will be in your age group the year of the Championships. If you are moving up an age group in 2024, then your qualification will be based on where your finishing time would have placed you in the age-group category you will be racing for in 2024. Please note that you may finish in the top four in your age group category but an athlete moving into that age group can potentially push you out of a qualifying position if their time is faster. Please see point 8.3 in the Terms and Conditions.


To Pre-Qualify for the 2024 World Triathlon World Championship race, athletes must finish in the top 15 places in their age group and be one of the first three British athletes to finish in the 2024World Triathlon World Championship race.  

Further details regarding pre-qualification can be found within the pre-qualification policy

Allocation of Places

  • There are 20 places in each age group. Some of these places may be pre-filled by athletes who Pre-Qualify from the previous years Championships.
  • Places are allocated after registration cut off dates in order of fastest result to slowest result. This may take 2 weeks.

  • After the final registration date the remaining places will be allocated and if any athletes then withdraw the remaining place will be allocated by rolldown places. 

  • Qualified athletes will be notified by e-mail and will be marked with a 'Q' next to their name in the registered athletes list. This can take up to 2 weeks after the qualifying race. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q are all qualifying statuses. 

  • It is an athletes responsibility to check they have registered for the correct event and that their name appears in the list of athletes on the event webpage. (If your name is not there please check the next age group)

  • If you use a Hotmail, outlook or work email address please check your junkmail, we find these email addresses often send our emails to the junkmail inbox. We advise athletes not to use these types of email addresses and we can't re-issue a Q if an athletes has missed the opportunity to take up their place because they missed an email.


Entry details for this event will be released once they have been confirmed by World Triathlon. 

For athletes to confirm their place in the teams they must pay the race entry fee. This includes the International Race Fee which is £23. The International Race Fee enables British Triathlon to support the team before and up to the event. Athletes pay once per Championship so if they compete in more than 1 race in a Championship the £23 IRF is paid with the race entry fee for each event and then refunded back to the athlete after the Championship races have taken place. 

Event Location

Registered Athletes (Female)

Category I (45-49) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category L (60-64) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category N (70-74) (2 athletes)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category P (75-79) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry

Registered Athletes (Male)

Category J (50-54) (2 athletes)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category K (55-59) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category L (60-64) (3 athletes)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category N (70-74) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry
Category P (75-79) (1 athlete)
Name Status Information Paid Entry

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