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How to Qualify for the GB Age-Group team?

Step 1: Join your Home Nation Association 

In order to qualify you will need to hold a valid Home Nation Core or Ultimate membership to gain a race licence from either Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon.

Step 2: Choose a Championship

Check out our Championship registration page to find the race you’d like to qualify for. The qualification criteria for each event can be found on each event webpage.

Step 3: Register

Once you have chosen the Championship in which you would like to qualify for, click on the blue registration button. You will be asked to log in so you will need your Home Nation membership number and password to hand. Follow the instructions and pay the £10 registration fee to enable you to register your intent to qualify for the Championships.  

Please note: you must register before the deadline outlined on the registration page. To ensure that your registration has been processed correctly scroll down to the bottom of the page to confirm your name has been added to the registered athletes list. You will also receive a confirmation email. 

For the 2021 races please note the deadline which applicable to your situation, this is dependant on whether you are a PQ athlete from 2020, whether you withdrew from a 2020 race or, whether you are a new athlete who wishes to qualify for the team. 

Step 4: Submit a race result or enter a qualification race

Depending on the distance of the event you are qualifying for, the way in which you qualify will differ. 

Sprint and Standard Triathlon and Duathlon Championships

There are a set of specified qualification races for each Championship event. You are required to qualify via one of these races, a list of which can be found here on the British Triathlon Age Group Major Events Calendar. 

For the 2021 ETU and ITU races we are running a different type of qualification due to losing the 2020 qualifying races. Athletes now need to submit a race result which meets the qualification criteria as outlined on each event web-page. 

Middle, Long, Cross, Winter, Aquabike and Aquathlon Championships

For these events you are required to submit your best past race performance that meets the criteria outline on the registration page. You will need to supply information regarding your finishing time, the winning time of the athlete in your age-group and also a link to the race result website to complete your submission.  

Step 5: Selection 

If you have qualified, then this will be confirmed via email. We endeavour to do this within two weeks of the registration deadline specified for the events. Once you have qualified a Q will appear next to your name on the athlete registration list.

Step 6: Pay

Event entry

Once you have qualified you will receive a notification email with information on the next steps to take regarding payment of entry fees.   

Flights and accommodation

You will need to book your flights and accommodation independently. However, as our official Travel and Accommodation supplier, Nirvana Europe offer travel packages designed to meet the needs of GB Age-Group athletes. We will provide you with the relevant information regarding packages in the lead up to the Championship event.  

Please ensure you read the qualification pages for each event. There is also more information in the FAQs 


Further Important Notes

  • Remember to check the registration page to find out the relevant deadline for registration. If you do not register by the deadline you will not be able to qualify. 
  • You can qualify for multiple races at one Championship event; however the ITU state the races must be at least 24 hours apart.
  • If a qualification event acts as a qualifier for more than one Championship, then you must register your intent to qualify for each of the Championship events separately. You will only be considered for selection to the Championships you have registered your intent for. 
  • Please keep your email address up to date within your membership account and add to your trusted senders list to ensure you’re kept up to date. (This is particularly important for Hotmail or Outlook email addresses. We would encourage you not to use a Hotmail, Outlook or work email address as our emails are often sent straight to junkmail with these suppliers)
  • If you would like to contact the age group team you can by emailing;

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