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2022 British Triathlon Senior Super Series - Age Group Opportunities

A unique opportunity for age group athletes to be a part of the 2022 Senior Super Series race and compete with performance athletes for prize money

2022 will see an opportunity for Age Group athletes to compete in the Senior Super Series events but instead of registering their intent to compete at each event with a race result, age group athletes must register with their results which meets the required qualifying standard and then take part in the Performance Assessment weekend to be selected for the whole series.

Only ten male and ten female Age Group athletes will be selected to compete at the Performance Assessment weekend.

The Performance Assessment weekend will take place in and near Nottingham over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd April 2022. The swim will be an 800m pool time trial swim on Saturday the 2nd of April in the afternoon. The 20km draft legal bike and 5km run segments will take place on Sunday the 3rd of April at Prestwold Hall during the day.  Athletes will start the bike/run in pursuit format. The fastest swimmer will start first, subsequent athletes will then follow according to swim time. If an athlete is 5 secs slower, they start 5 secs behind, 10 secs slower, 10 secs behind, etc. Athletes start in bare feet, as if exiting the water, and run into and complete T1, before going onto complete the bike, T2 and run without a break, as per a standard Triathlon. As per all other Super Series events elite rulings such as lapping and wheel regulations will be applied.

Athletes who are selected to take part in the Performance Assessment weekend must attend if they want to compete in the Senior Super series in 2022. There are no alternative dates available.

After the Performance Assessment weekend, athletes will be ranked from one to 10 and offered race starts according to their ranking, this is dependent on the number of spaces available at each event. Due to course design some events may allow only 3 male and 3 female age group athletes, but others may allow more up to a maximum of 5. Athletes ranked in 10th place will not necessarily be left out of competing, it may be that athletes ranked above them cannot attend and event or, more senior places may open up, allowing athletes ranked up to 10th to be offered a start.

Who can register as an age group athlete? 

Athletes who have finished two or more previous Senior Super events, are members of a Home Nation Programme or one of the eight British Triathlon affiliated Training Centres of Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Eastbourne, Leeds, Loughborough, Nottingham and Stirling, plus athletes who have previously competed in the British Junior and Youth Super Series can register as Senior athletes. All other athletes who are 20 years old in 2022 who wish to take part should register as Age-Group athletes1.

Note 1 - British Triathlon reserves the right to promote any athlete who does not meet the above criteria BUT has outstanding single, double or triple discipline abilities into the Series as a ‘Senior’ (and not Age Group) athlete. Ordinarily such athletes would also be expected to compete at the Performance Assessments.

To be eligible, participants must be a current British Triathlon Home Nation member. You may be asked to prove your membership when entering and registering at the individual races on the series at the request of the event organiser. Please ensure that your membership record is up to date and that all information on it is correct, entering each race with your name as it appears on your membership card.

Selection of Senior Super Series start lists for 2022 will be at the discretion of British Triathlon's Performance Team, and their decision on accepting or rejecting race starts is final.

Click here for further information and to apply for the Performance Assesment weekend.

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