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Multi event discount process

Sometimes at World Triathlon or Europe Triathlon Championship events the race organisers will offe adiscount to athletes who are entered into more than one event. This page outlines how the process for redeeming the dicsount works.

1. Athletes pay the race entry fees for all events they have qualified for.

2. Athletes are entered into the event by a deadline set by World Triathlon or Europe Triathlon.

3. The event takes place

4. British Triathlon will refund the discount from entering more than one event as per the policy below;

  • One event entered - no discount avaliable
  • Two events entered - only the discount for entering multiple events will be refunded to the athlete. (The athlete will pay both International Race Fees).
  • Three or more events entered - the discount for entering multiple events plus all International Race Fees except one will be refunded to the athlete. (The athlete will only pay one International Race Fee).

Refunds will only be processed after the race has taken place. Athletes will be contacted by email once their refund has been processed. 

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