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What happens if international races are cancelled in 2022 and beyond

We wanted to outline what will happen to athletes qualifications if international races are canclled in 2022.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us all with numerous challenges over the last two years, and we have continued to act in line with government guidance and our established principles. It has been a difficult time for everyone, and we are immensely proud and grateful to our age group team athletes for your patience, resilience, and team spirit.

In November 2021, the Age Group Committee met to discuss international competitions in 2022 and beyond and make a qualification policy decision if an international event is cancelled. It was agreed unanimously that if any 2022 European and/or World Championship races are cancelled, the 2022 teams will not roll over to the equivalent European/World Championship in 2023.

The committee felt that further roll overs were not in the best interests of athlete safety or representative of potential performance in 2023.

From January 2022, all athletes who would like to qualify for 2023 teams must do so through the pre-existing qualification systems.

We hope the above gives confidence and clarity to our 2022 age group teams and athletes wishing to qualify for 2023.

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