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Age-Group Terms and Conditions

1.0) To be eligible for a team place, athletes must (i) have raced in a qualification event, or (ii) be pre-qualified, or (iii) have been awarded a discretionary place. Athletes will not be eligible for a team place by any other method.

2.1) For Sprint and Standard Distance events**, places are available for the top eligible* athletes (number specified in Championship qualification criteria) in each age-group at each qualification event. **Including standard aquabike and super-sprint triathlon.

2.2) To be eligible, athletes must have registered their intent to qualify by 5pm on the Friday before their qualification race,

2.3) To qualify, athletes are expected to complete their qualification race in a time within 115% of the winner in their age-group if qualifying for World Championships (or European Middle Distance Triathlon) and 120% if qualifying for European Championships. Athletes must race in their correct race category. Only athletes who are female from birth may race in the female category, all other athletes including transgender athletes must race in the open category. If there is more than 1 wave at the qualifying event, athletes must compete in the qualifying waves, competing in the open race and moving the result after the race to the qualifying results will not be permitted. 

2.4) Places will be offered automatically to each of the highest placed eligible athletes (as specified in the qualification criteria) finishing within the appropriate percentages of the winner.

2.5) Any athlete finishing within the specified highest places but outside the appropriate percentage of the winner will only be offered a place at the Team Manager’s discretion.

3.1) For Middle and Long Distance Triathlon and Duathlon events there are 20 places available per age-group.

3.2) There are no specific qualifying races. Applicants will be expected to supply evidence of their performance at a long distance event achieved within 18 months of the championships.

3.3) To be eligible for a qualifying place all athletes will be required to have completed their nominated race within 115% of the winner in their age group for World Championships and 120% for European Championships. (Europe Triathlon Middle Distance Triathlons have a qualifying percentage of 115% during the years when there are no World Triathlon Middle Disthance Triathlons.) Only athletes who are female from birth may race in the female category, all other athletes including transgender athletes must race in the open category

3.4) Places will be allocated in up to three phases. As many as all 20 places can be awarded during the first selection phase if sufficient numbers apply and meet the qualification criteria. The remaining selection phases will allocate any remaining places.

3.5) If an age-group becomes oversubscribed with performances within the qualification criteria then allocation of places will go to athletes that have provided the best results.

4.1) For Cross Triathlon and Duathlon, Winter Triathlon, Aquathlon and, Aquabike there are 20 places are available per age-group. These events are referred to as Multisport events below.

4.2)  There are no specific qualification races for multisport events. Instead athletes are asked to submit evidence of relevant race experience at the time of registering.

4.3) In a situation where an age-group is oversubscribed places will be awarded based upon race performances from the last 12 months of the championships.

4.4) As many as all 20 places can be awarded during the first selection phase if sufficient numbers apply. The remaining selection phases will allocate any remaining places.

5.1) All athletes eligible for a pre-qualification place must still register their intent to compete by 5pm on the Friday before the FINAL qualification race for the championship they pre-qualify for or must follow the instructions in the pre-qualification email they are sent if different.

5.2) To claim pre-qualification places please register your intent to compete at the appropriate championship and then e-mail to request your pre-qualification place.

6.1) All athletes applying for a Discretionary Place (DP) must have registered their intent to qualify before 5pm on the Friday before the last qualification race but no later than 1 month after the final registration closing date.

6.2) Athletes applying for a DP should submit their completed discretionary place application form to and they must meet all of the criteria on the DP checklist. 

7.1) Athletes only need to register once for each Championship. (Sprint and Standard Distance races at the same Championships are considered two separate Championships).

7.2) Once an athlete has registered their intent to qualify they can compete in more than one qualification event. Registration must be done by 5pm on the Friday before the first race in which the athletes intends to qualify.

7.3) Athletes will remain eligible for all of the remaining qualification races taking place after the registration closing date.

7.4) It is not necessary to inform British Triathlon or the Team Manager as to which race or races athletes intend to use for your qualification.

8.1) Qualification is based on an athletes performance compared with the other athletes in their same age group in the year of the Championships.

8.2) If a qualification race takes place in the same year as the Championships, qualification is based on the actual age category results of the race.

8.3) If a qualification race takes place in the year preceding the Championships, qualification is based on your finishing time compared to those athletes who will be in your same age group in the year of the Championships. (For example, you are 34 and compete in the 30-34 age group. You are competing in a September qualification race for the European Championships to be held the following April, by which time you will have turned 35 and be in the 35-39 age group. You will compete in the appropriate qualification race in the 30-34 age group, however when the team manager selects the team they will look at your time and compare it to the other athletes from the same race who will be in the 35-39 age group next year. If your time places you within the correct percentage of the winner and/or top 4 eligible athletes then you will be selected in the 35-39 category for the European Championships.)

9.1) The link to apply for a place will close at 5pm on the Friday before the last qualifying race. Athletes who do not register their intent to qualify by this date will not be eligible for a place.

9.2) You cannot race in a qualification race and then register your intent to compete after the race. You will not be eligible via any qualification races that took place before your registration. However if there are still qualification races remaining you will be eligible to compete in and qualify from all those races taking place after your registration.

10.1) If spare places are available after the completion of all the qualification events, pre-qualification events and discretionary place awards, these places will be offered to reserves. These are known as “roll down” places.

10.2) Roll down places will only be offered to athletes who have completed one of the qualification races in a time that is within 115% of the winner of their age group for World Championship qualification and 120% for European Championship qualification.

10.3) Athletes eligible for roll down are ranked in ascending order within their age group based on their best percentage recorded in any of the three qualification events. If an athlete competes in more than one qualification event, their lowest percentage time will be used.

10.4) Each roll down place will be offered to the athlete with the lowest percentage.

10.5) Roll downs will continue in this manner until the final date for payment of entry fees.

11.1) If an athlete who has qualified, pre-qualified or qualified through a roll down place subsequently withdraws their application and is not able to take up their place on a team then their spot will be given to the next person on the roll down list.

11.2) Athletes will not be penalized or black marked for withdrawing. It is understandable that circumstances change.

11.3) We do however ask that you inform British Triathlon in writing as soon as possible if you have been offered a place but know you will not be able to accept it, as we cannot offer roll down spots until you have officially withdrawn.

12.1) In very exceptional circumstances only, where one outstanding athlete dominates an age group by a very considerable margin, the Team Manager has discretion to base the percentages in that age group on the time of the second placed athlete rather than the winner of the age group, if it ensures parity across all three Qualification events.

13.1) Acceptance of a team place is made by paying the Race Entry Fee.

13.2) If an athlete does not intend to accept their place there is an expectation they will notify the Team Manager or Performance Age group Administrator so that their place can be offered to the next reserve. 

13.3) If an athlete has not notified the Team Manager, it is assumed the athlete will be accepting their place and will be paying the Race Entry Fee.

14.1) Athletes will only be included in the official team registration if they have paid their Race Entry Fee before the notified cut off date. If they do not it will be assumed they do not want to accept their place and it may be offered as a roll down spot.

15.1) If you have successfully qualified, you will receive an email confirming you have been allocated a place. A ‘Q’ will be shown alongside your name in the list of applicants.

15.2) If you qualify for a place but you do NOT wish to accept this place please send an email to

16.1) Communication is very important. Please ensure that your email address is correct and accurate in your membership profile.

16.2) If you change your e-mail address please inform

16.3) Email will be the primary and in some cases only form of contact regarding confirmation of places, requests for payment, and additional event information.

17.1) Current World Triathlon rules do not allow an athlete to take part in two events within a 24 hour period at the same Championships. For Championships with events at two distances, such as Standard Distance and Sprint, athletes can apply and qualify for both events but will need to decide which team place to accept, and which to release, prior to paying their race fee.

17.2) An athlete accepting a team place at one distance cannot also accept a team place at the other distance, where World Triathlon Competition Rule 2.5.l is relevant. This is not applicable for Championships with single distance events.

18.1) In the event of World Triathlon or Europe Triathlon cancelling a World Championship or European Championship race, British Triathlon hold no responsibility for any costs incurred for athletes who have registered and/or qualified for the event. This includes all costs associated with qualifying or attempting to qualify for the Age Group Team such as event entry costs; costs associated with travel and accommodation, transfers, insurance, and the cost of home nation membership or purchasing team kit

19.1) If an athlete wishes to withdraw from their race they should email their Team Manager this is so another athlete can have the place, contact details can be found in all team emails and on the event webpage. 

19.2) If an athlete withdraws before British Triathlon have paid the race entry fees a refund of the race entry fee minus the £23 IRF will be made. This will be returned to the orginal payment method and processed once the race entry invoice has been paid and the team entered.

19.3) If an athlete withdraws after we have paid the race entry invoice we will not be able to refund their race entry fee or the £23 IRF.

19.4) If an athlete withdraws and does not contact their Team Manager to inform them they are withdrawing, no refund will be issued.

Note: * Eligible athlete. This refers to an athlete who has registered their intent to compete by the appropriate deadline and not already qualified. If an athlete finishes ahead of you and has not registered their intent to qualify, has been awarded a pre-qualification place or discretionary place, or has qualified already from a previous qualification race then they will not be considered for selection from that particular qualification race. For example, you finish 6th in your age group and therefore outside of the top 4 athletes. However, 1 athlete ahead of you has not registered their intent to compete and another has already pre-qualified for the event. You are therefore the 4th eligible athlete and will be awarded a qualification place.

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