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Age-Group Team Managers

Get to know more about the Volunteer Team Managers who support the Great Britain Age-Group team at their races around the world.

Rosemary Hayward

Event/s: ETU Sprint Distance Duathlon Team Manager

Background info: Rosemary is a new to the team and has recently retired from 25 years in the education sector. She is based in Cornwall, which to her is the centre of the universe.

Triathlon experience: Although not a triathlete herself, Rosemary has years of experience travelling the country and the world whilst supporting her family compete as Age-Group triathletes.

Favourite sportsperson: Daley Thompson, the greatest all-round male athlete Britain has ever produced.

If you could have a super power?: Why would I want one? It would change my life and I wouldn’t want that!

Interesting fact: Rosemary has represented Devon and Cornwall at archery in both recurve and compound disciplines.


Mike Griffin

Event/s: ITU sprint distance world championships

Background: Mike comes from Exeter, Devon and is a member of Exeter Triathlon Club. He is a triathlon coach, as well as a trained sports massage therapist.

Triathlon experience: Mike has raced at Age-Group level in cross triathlon (placing 4th and 5th in his age group at the previous 2 world champs respectively) and has numerous European podiums under his belt. He also has experience racing all distances from sprint to Ironman.

Most memorable triathlon moment: Hoovering transition for the 2012 Olympic mens race at 6am.

Favourite Sportsperson: Chris Froome

If you had a super power? Invisibilty

Interesting fact: Mike is a trained chef!


Dawn Hunter

Event/s: ETU Long Distance Triathlon European Championships

Background Info: Dawn is originally from Yorkshire and now lives in London, working as a sports coach specialising in triathlon and cycling. She is a member and Club coach of East London Triathletes.

Triathlon Experience: Dawn did her first race in 1999 and has raced triathlons in all distances from sprint to ironman.  

Most memorable triathlon moment: Finishing her ironman.

Favourite sportsperson: Jessica Ennis-Hill

If you could have a super power: The ability to save the earth and humanity from climate change.

Interesting fact: Dawn keeps chickens.


Nick Davies

Event/s: ETU Standard Distance Triathlon and temporarily ETU long distance triathlon

Background: Originally from Essex, Nick studied Engineering and then lived in Liverpool before joining the RAF as a navigator in the early 1990’s. After a lot of travelling Nick is now based in Lincolnshire with an ever-decreasing family as they embark on their own studies and careers. Nick is a member of Lincoln Tri club and the RAF triathlon association.

Triathlon Experience: Nick has raced all triathlon distances and has recently dipped his toe into the world of cross triathlon. Nick has represented the Age-group team at sprint, standard and middle distance. He is a technical official, a club coach and has worked as run/bike route manager at the London Olympics, WTS races and the British Championships.

Most memorable triathlon moment: Racing a met police officer on mountain bikes down the finishing straight of the 2012 Olympic Triathlon cheered by thousands of spectators waiting for the women’s final.

Favourite sportsperson: Javier Gomez due to his consistent performance, his continuation of that success in other tri formats and the way he engages with his supporters.

If you could have a super power? Alchemy – specifically turning base liquids into tea and base solids into marmite.

Interesting fact: Nick’s first proper job was as a tea taster for Lipton’s and Brooke Bond Tea.


Joan Lennon

Event/s: ETU and ITU Standard Distance Duathlon Teams

Background: Joan has been a runner since 1980 and joined Steyning Athletics Club in 1992. She has competed in all distances ranging from 100m on the track to marathons, but is better suited to the long distances. Joan is a passionate parkrunner, and she also swims and cycles so triathlon was a natural progression.

Triathlon experience: Joan competed in her first triathlon in 1984 and as competed internationally as part of the GB Age-Group team since 2002. Joan has competed in every distance from sprint to Ironman.

Most memorable triathlon moment: Finishing an ironman (twice) despite injury.

Favourite sports person: Jessica Ennis – training for three sports as a triathlete is hard enough. How she trains for 7 disciplines and manages a family life too is amazing!

If you had a super power? To be turbo-powered on my bike!

Interesting fact: Joan loves knitting and has made two old fashioned knitted men’s swim suits.


Jon Cowell

Event/s: ETU Sprint Triathlon, interim ETU Std Triathlon & ITU LD Duathlon

Background info: Jon works as a triathlon coach and coach educator from a small clinic in Weedon Bec, Northants and spends his spare time coaching and mentoring at local tri and athletic clubs.

Triathlon experience: He has just shy of 400 races since his first triathlon in 1988 at all distances and all disciplines, representing Team GB AG at 24 events. He has also coached athletes to 28 podium finishes in international competition.

Most memorable moment in triathlon: The next race will always be the most memorable.

Favourite sports person: David Hemery

If you could have a super power?: I have! I am in the extraordinary position of being able to assist coaches and athletes in their development. It simply doesn’t get any better than that!

Interesting fact: I am naturally lazy


Kirsty Addy

Event/s: ETU/ITU aquathlon

Background: Kirsty studied Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University and went on to run for an American University. She has previously worked in Disability Sport as well as primary education.  

Triathlon Experience: Kirsty is the Age-Group Coordinator so her knowledge spreads across all the championships. Predominantly a runner, Kirsty also grew up as a club swimmer so has a wide variety of experiences competing within both disciplines. She has dabbled in triathlon and competed for a French team but is most content without wheels.

Most memorable triathlon moment: Crying in fear as she rode down her first descent in the Swiss Alps. To then become even more upset when she realised she had to ride back up.

Favourite sportsperson: Brendan Foster.

If you had a super power? I wouldn’t tell anyone what it is now would I?

Interesting fact: She once touched a Venga boy on the arm.


Marc Preece

Event/s:  ETU and ITU Cross Triathlon and Duathlon Championships

Background info: Marc works full time as a senior engineering officer in the RAF, where he’s Specialised in leadership, safety and Human Factors. 

Triathlon experience: Marc has over 20-Years race experience in MTB, Road, TT, XC, Off Road/Road Duathlon and Off Road/Road Triathlon. Marc is a qualified BTF and British Cycling coach MTB Leader. Within his career he has completed 6 Ironman’s and a handful of half IM’s.

Most memorable moment in triathlon: Finishing his first IM. 

Favourite sports person: Bradley Wiggins. 

If you could have a super power?: Time Travel and Water Breathing

Interesting fact: I’m Scottish and don’t like Whiskey or Haggis. 


Ian Kitchen

Event/s: ITU Standard Distance Triathlon Team Manager

Background info: Ian comes from Yorkshire but is now based in South West Herts and works in central London. Ian is a chartered surveyor with his own firm specialising in retail property. He is also a founding member of Jetstream Triathlon Club in North West London.

Triathlon experience: Ian competed in his first local triathlon event in Watford back in 1996. He competed regularly within the sport until 2 hip resurfacing operations which meant sadly Ian was unable to run. However he took the opportunity to give back to the sport and turned to Age Group team management to pass on his pearls of wisdom!

Most memorable moment: Being a proud father watching his daughter compete at elite level.

Favourite sports person: The Brownlee Brothers and any other world class sportsperson from Yorkshire!

If you could have a super power? A body that holds itself together through middle age and beyond!

Interesting fact: Ian attended the same school as the Brownlees, just a few years apart.


Keith Jenns

Event/s: ETU and ITU winter triathlon championships

Background: Keith comes from Kidderminster, WORCS and now runs his own outdoor education company both in the summer and winter. He is a member of the Army Triathlon Association.

Triathlon Experience: Keith took up triathlon in 1990 and has represented the Army at the inter services championships in Cyprus as well as competing in Duathlon. He has been the winter triathlon Team Manager since 2010 and has built up a wealth of experience in that time.

Favourite sports person: Bjoren Dalen (Biathlete).


Brent Perkins

Event/s: ETU Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships

Background: Brent began his sporting career as a competitive runner before moving into triathlon.

Triathlon Experience: Brent has competed in races of all distances all over the world. He has a natural empathy with Age Group athletes having raced age group himself. He is the CEO and Head Coach at Challenge Tri Camp. He draws on lessons learnt and his own experiences over two decades in running, multi-sports, cycling and swimming to help guide and work with age group athletes on their own Triathlon journey.

Most memorable triathlon moment: Running over the line at IM Copenhagen with his daughter.

Favourite sportsperson: Javier Gomez Noza – just a great all round person


Glyn Bevans

Event/s: ITU Multisport World Championships

Background: Glyn lives in West Berkshire and is a member of the Tri20 triathlon club. He spent many years leading technology teams and supporting developers of commercial applications plus driving skills and curricula within the academic community across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Triathlon Experience: Glyn has competed in triathlons ranging in distance from sprint to half ironman from the late 1980’s.

Most memorable triathlon moment: Qualifying for and competing at the ITU World Champs in London (2013) – it was an iconic bike course!

Favourite sportsperson: Anyone and everyone that strives to do their best in life!

If you had a super power?: Fly and sour like an eagle

Interesting fact: Glyn set two endurance world records as a teenager in trampolining and leap frog.


Barron Mendelssohn

Event/s: ETU Middle distance duathlon and ITU Long Distance Triathlon

Background: Barron was originally from South West London but now resides in Hertfordshire. He is a member and Coach at Freedom Triathlon Club. He tends to focus on cycling these days due to an injury from running.

Triathlon Experience: Barron has raced all distances from sprint to middle distance and has represented the Age-Group team on a number of occasions.

Most memorable moment in triathlon: Going too hard at the start of his first ever age group qualifying event and coming out of the water last – it was a steep learning curve!

Favourite sportsperson: Valentino Rossi

If you had a super power? To fly


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