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The best possible event experience is most certainly a stress-free one, so allow our Official GB Age-Group Team Travel Supplier to get you to and from your event.

Age-Group Benefits and Costs

Find out more about the exclusive Age-Group Team benefits and a guide to the costs of Age-Group Triathlon

Exclusive benefits for British Triathlon Age-Group athletes

Codes for the exclusive benefits in relation to British triathlon Age-Group athletes will be issued in communications to athletes upon qualification. If you have any questions please direct these to


Nirvana Europe

Our Official Great Britain Age-Group Team travel supplier, Nirvana Europe, can assist you with travel and accommodation arrangements for age-group championships, and take the stress away by arranging it all for you. Find out more about their travel packages here.

Travel Packages


Yellow Jersey

As the Official Cycle Insurance Supplier to British Triathlon, Yellow Jersey are providing all Age-Group competitors with an exclusive 20% discount on Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance for 2022.

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Team Apparel and Tri-Suit

If you qualify for the Great Britain Age-Group Team, you can be proud to represent Great Britain wearing the Decente Great Britain Age-Group Team kit. Once you qualify you will receive a code which you can use in the Age-Group Kit Shop.

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Guide to the costs of Age-Group Triathlon

Age Group Triathlon is a self-funded sport. Whilst athletes are able to seek sponsorship from local companies and organisation to contribute to their training and racing costs, for the most part, athletes cover the cost themselves.

Below we have listed the anticipated costs that athletes should factor in when competing for the Age-Group team internationally.

Entry Fee

This can vary from £60-£450 depending on the event:

  • ETU Sprint/Standard: £100-£150
  • ITU Sprint/Standard: £250-£320
  • Long/Middle distance: £200-500
  • Aquathlon: £60-110
  • Cross: £60-110

International Race Fee

The International Race Fee is £20 and is specifically in place to cover the costs and expenses incurred by the Age Group Team Managers who travel to events to give the necessary support to the Age Group Teams competing in international championships before, during and after events.

Please note, if athletes are able to compete in more than one event as part of the same championships the fee will only be charged once for that championship event.

Age-Group Kit

All athletes must compete in the official British Triathlon  Age-Group trisuits. These range between £120-£170 depending on the printing option and style you go for.

All other items are optional and there is no requirement to purchase them. The full range can be found HERE.

Travel and Accommodation

Athletes are required to book their own travel and accommodation. This can be through our official partner Nirvana Europe, or this can be booked via other providers. This is completely down to the athlete. We’d recommend either staying in the Team Hotel or very close to it to make the most of the team atmosphere. More information on travel packages can be found here.


We recommend you purchase appropriate insurance to cover you whilst travelling, racing and training abroad. This cost can vary depending on provider. Age Group athletes gain a 25% discount from Yellow Jersey insurance when they qualify for the team in 2021.


In order to be eligible to compete, it is an athletes responsibility to ensure their Home Nation membership is up to date. Membership costs vary between £46-85 depending on the package you opt for. Find out more about membership here.

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