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How to qualify for the GB Age-Group Team

Step 1: Become a member of your Home Nation

In order to qualify you must be a member of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon and, you must have either a Core or Ultimate membership which includes the race licence. You must also be a British Citizen.

Click here to read more about membership.

Step 2: Choose a Championship

Select a race/s to qualify for. You can pick more than 1 Championship but they have different qualifying rules which are outlined on each webpage. (Link at bottom of page to select a race)

If you're a first time potential qualifier, pick the event which you like to qualify for and take your time reading through the pages. There is a lot of information to take in but you are trying to qualify to represent Great Britain so there's a lot you need to be aware of.

Championships include European and World Championships, Triathlons, Duathlons, Aquabikes, Aquathlons, Cross Triathlon and Duathlon, all of varying distances.

Step 3: Register - Part 1

Once you've found the Championship you want to qualify for, register.

Registering is different for different events.

Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquabike Championships

Qualification is via qualifying races with 4 places per age group allocated from each qualifying race. See below for the calendar of qualifying races.

You must register to qualify before 5pm on the Friday before the qualifying race.

Middle, Long, Cross, Winter, Aquabike and Aquathlon Championships

Qualification is via submitting a race result which meets the criteria outlined on the event webpage. You only register after you have done the race you want to qualify with but, you should read the event webpage before so you know your race meets the desired criteria.

Step 4: Register - Part 2

Once you have chosen the Championship you'd like to qualify for, read the whole of the webpage. This will tell you how to qualify and other important information such as the timeline for letting athletes know they have qualified and what happens next.

To register click on the blue registration button. You need your Home Nation membership number and password to log in. Follow the instructions and pay the registration fee to register your intent to qualify.

You must register before the deadline outlined on the registration page. To check your registration has processed correctly scroll down to the bottom of the page to check your name has been added to the registered athletes list. If you can't see your name, do you go up an age group next year? You will also receive a confirmation email.

Click here to go to the list of qualifying races

Click here to register your intent to qualify before a qualifying race

Click here to search for a European or World Championship Team

Step 5: Selection 

Within two- three weeks of the registration cut off dates/qualifying race, the Team Managers will add a Q next to the athletes who have qualified for the teams. If you have qualified, you will recieve a confirmation email soon afterwards.

The email will contain the information we have at the time and further emails will follow which include the entry fee, course information and more details around the event itself. 

Step 6: Pay your entry fee

Championship race entry fee

Once you have qualified you will receive a notification email with information on the next steps to take regarding payment of entry fees. This may take a few weeks to come through. We recommend athletes join the team facebook group to keep up to date with the team information.

Flights and accommodation

You will need to book your flights and accommodation independently. However, as our official Travel and Accommodation supplier, Nirvana Europe offer travel packages designed to meet the needs of GB Age-Group athletes. We will provide you with the relevant information regarding packages in the lead up to the Championship event.

Please ensure you read the qualification pages for each event. If you have any questions please contact us on the Age Group email address foudn on each webpage.

More information about Age Group can be found in the FAQs 

Link to qualifying racesWorld & European Champs

Types of Events & Race Distances

Triathlon - swim, bike, run.

Distance - Super-Sprint, Sprint, Standard, Middle, Long.

Qualify by - qualifying races for the World and European sprint and standard triathlons. Click here to seach events


Duathlon - run, bike, run. 

Distance - Sprint, Standard, Middle, Long.

Qualify by - qualifying races for the World and European sprint and standard triathlons. Click here to search events


Aquathlon - swim, run.

Distance - 1000km swim, 5km run

Qualify by - submit a race result. Click here to search events


Aquabike - swim, bike. 

Distance - Standard, middle, long

Qualify by - submit a race result. Click here to seach events


Cross Triathlon - swim, mountain bike, trail run.


Swim - 1000m to 1500m

Mountain Bike - 20km to 30km

Trail Run - 6km to 10km

Qualify by - submit a race result. Click here to search events


Cross Duathlon - trail run, mountain bike, trail run


Trail run - 6km to 8km

Mountain Bike - 20km to 25km

Trail Run - 3km to 4km

Qualify by - submit a race result. Click here to search events


Winter Triathlon - cross-country run, mountain bike, cross country ski

Cross-Country Run - 3 to 4 km

Mountain Bike - 5 to 6 km

Cross Country Ski -5 to 6 km 

Qualify by - submit a race result. Click here to seach events

Further Important Notes

  • Remember to check the registration page to find out the relevant deadline for registration. If you do not register by the deadline you will not be able to qualify. 
  • You can qualify for multiple races at one Championship event; however World Triathlon state the races must be at least 24 hours apart. This is not normally an issue and the race organiser will rarely put races too close together.
  • If a qualification event acts as a qualifier for more than one Championship, then you must register your intent to qualify for each of the Championship events separately. You will only be considered for selection to the Championships you have registered your intent for. 
  • Please keep your email address up to date within your membership account and add [email protected] to your trusted senders list to ensure you’re kept up to date. (This is particularly important for Hotmail, Outlook, BTinternet, Yahoo,, and all other work email addresses. We would encourage you not to use a Hotmail, Outlook or work email address as our emails are often sent straight to junkmail with these suppliers and we are not able to hold places in teams for athletes who miss emails.)

Clean Sport and Anti Doping

It is an athletes responsibility to complete clean. This ensures competition is fair and athletes are not damaging their bodies by taking banned substances.

There are two free online courses which anyone can access;

Introduction to Clean Sport and Complete Clean+


Age Group athletes are advised to access, undertake and pass both of the courses linked above.

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