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Ambulant/Standing Classification – PTS2-5

The process for being classified is quite simple but the time taken can vary depending upon the nature of each athlete’s impairment so if you are being classified be prepared that the appointment may take between 30minutes and two hours. British Triathlon has a team of classifiers who conduct the process, and these individuals are either trained physiotherapists or technical classifiers.   The process will assess how your impairment impacts on your ability to compete in triathlon and give you an outcome based on your tested ability.

Athlete Evaluation Process 

The Athlete Evaluation process consists of the following: 

  1. Submission of the British Triathlon Physical Impairments Medical Diagnostics Form, completed by a Dr or consultant.
  2. Physical Assessment: The classification panel should conduct a Physical Assessment of the athlete, to establish whether the athlete has an Eligible Impairment that meets the relevant Minimum Disability Criteria.
  3. Technical Assessment: The Classification Panel will conduct a Technical Assessment of the athlete which may include, but is not limited to, an assessment of the athlete’s ability to perform, in a non-competitive environment, specific tasks and activities that are part of triathlon (swim, bike and/or run).
  4. Observation Assessment: The purpose of observation is to ensure that the result from the athlete’s physical and technical assessments is reflected in the athlete’s ability to perform in competition.

Athletes must dress appropriately in sports clothes and bring all supportive equipment (prosthesis, orthoses, slings, etc.) to the classification appointment, including their bike.

Athletes should bring all relevant paperwork to their appointment to include:

  • Physical Impairments Medical Diagnostic Form, completed by their medical doctor
  • Consent for classification form
  • Other relevant and recent medical information. This could include, but should not be limited to: medical letters and reports detailing medical history, results of radiological examinations, and other diagnostic tests relevant to the athlete’s medical condition

You will be supplied with the Physical Impairments form and Consent for Classification by British Triathlon when you apply for a classification appointment.

At the conclusion of the process you will either be given a Sport Class (classification category) or deemed to be non-eligible.  Non-Eligibility for classification does not mean that an individual doesn’t have an impairment, but the degree of such impairment does not meet the minimum disability criteria established by the sport.

If you wish to read the British Triathlon Paratriathlon Classification Rules and Regulations in greater depth please refer to the manual here.

In some cases the classification process can now be completed through a virtual classification appointment, without the need to travel to a physical classification venue. The classification team will assess each athlete’s Medical Diagnostics Form and supporting medical evidence before the first appointment and arrange a virtual classification. NOTE: in some cases where it was felt that classification could be completed virtually this may not be the case, in which case the athlete will be invited for a subsequent face to face appointment to be able to assign a sport class.


Apply for Classification 

If you would like to apply for classification please complete this application form and send it to British Triathlon

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