Paratriathlon Performance Pathway

British Triathlon’s Paralympic performance pathway is delivered by the Home Nations; athletes in England being supported by Triathlon England, in Wales supported by Welsh Triathlon and Scottish athletes by Triathlon Scotland.

The model below is a representation of the different stages of the pathway, but athletes can move onto and through stages in very different ways depending on their age, sporting background and impairment type.


Academies are the first step and are about exposing athletes to a range of swim, bike and run experiences. There are 5 Academies across Britain: 1 in Scotland, 1 in Wales and 3 in England.

Next Generation

Next Generation (Next Gen) contains the best developing triathletes of each Home Nation. At this stage athletes are exploring the fundamentals of triathlon performance and working on their ability to combine the three disciplines to achieve their best.


Confirmation is the first step into the UK Sport funded World Class Performance Programme. Here, athletes are looking to confirm their potential to progress towards being competitive at world level by enhancing the necessary physical capacity, skills and performance behaviours.

Podium Potential

Podium Potential is the stage at which performance processes are further enhanced, and athletes and support staff work together to enable athletes to start delivering medal winning performances more consistently.


Podium is the stage at which athletes are consistently delivering medal winning performances on an international stage, and have a very bespoke performance plan, aimed at ensuring the athletes performance potential can be maximised and delivered when it matters most.

Talent Identification

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Home Nations Programmes

Triathlon England Paratriathlon Pathway

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Scottish Triathlon Paratriathlon Pathway

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Welsh Triathlon Paratriathlon Pathway

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