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Our Philosophy

Above: This VideoScribe explains our learning philosophy and pathway journey.

We are in the pursuit of excellence. Excellence contains 4E’s and each E has a significant role to play in our development process.

Through a process of guided challenge and discovery, we aim to expose our athletes to skills, knowledge and experiences. We will then give them the opportunity to explore and enhance their learning and abilities before finally they truly excel:

The 4 E’s not only describe a learning cycle we want athletes at each age and stage to experience but also depict the journey an athlete takes through the Pathway too. They link and connect the stages or sprockets of the Pathway together.

Exposure comes first and links Skills School and Regional Academies together, both are very much focused on exposing young athletes to the sport and to all that we believe is great about the sport.

Regional Academies are also joined to Home Nation Talent by the explore chain . Success in independent learning and problem solving requires a good deal of exploring. This exploring becomes more and more purposeful as athletes progress through these two stages

Enhancing is the process of refining and improving performance and all it’s constituent parts. This links Home Nation Talent to the Podium Potential programme. Enhancing arguably is where the real hard yards start to get done and requires a huge  levels of passion and commitment

Finally, and standing separate from the rest of the Pathway, is the Podium Programme and the 4th E - excel. This separation is deliberate and represents the big jump from Podium Potential to Podium. It represents the step that athletes make from the long process of confirming their talent to being given the responsibility by the Programme to run and deliver their own campaign.

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