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What is Skills School?

The Vision

Skills School will enable British Triathlon to embed a fun, creative and inspiring skill-learning process, at the centre of young triathlete development.

Skills School has been designed to help cultivate creative coaches, specialising in developing the whole child in positive learning environments.

Skills School will enhance the process of Young Triathlete Development by helping athletes and coaches explore fun and creative ways to be their best. The aim is to create a constructive learning atmosphere focused on developing skills in engaging environments. This will improve the athlete and coach experience and increase retention in triathlon.

Aims of Skills School

The aims are to:

  • Nurture happy, healthy, and skilled triathletes.
  • Inspire continued engagement with triathlon.
  • Develop creative coaches that specialise in fun and developmentally appropriate triathlon sessions.
  • Encourage ‘whole child’ coaching – developing the child and the athlete.
  • Produce better performances at all levels of triathlon.

How will Skills School Achieve this?

Skills School will:

  • Provide resources that guide and challenge young triathletes to discover a positive learning process. 
  • Create a dynamic framework of skills that encourages young triathletes towards personal excellence.
  • Encourage athletes to reinforce personal behaviours that support a healthy, balanced triathlon lifestyle.
  • Support coaches of young triathletes through opportunities to enhance their coaching practice.
  • Provide environments that better develop athletes and coaches using the Skills School principles of development.
  • Enable coaches to build and engage in relationships and supportive networks that offer peer learning and development opportunities.
  • Provide additional experiences and strategies to address  gender specific differences in adolescent and coach development. 

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