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Skills School for Coaches

Skills School is not just for athletes. It is also British Triathlons first continual professional development program developed specifically for coaches working with young athletes

What is Skills School for Coaches

The creation of the Skills School framework will supply junior club coaches of all levels (novice to master coach) with skills, experiences and knowledge to deliver higher quality sessions in their triathlon clubs. 

Unlike traditional forms of coach education, Skills School is unique in that it harnesses the power of experiential learning and combines it with support from experienced coaches, coach developers and a coaching curriculum.

How to get involved

Each region will be running a number of Skills School Days across the year. These days will be led by your regional Skills School Lead Coach. All coaches who hold British Triathlon coaching qualification from Level 1 onwards and an up to date home nation membership are invited to get involved with these Skills School days. 

You can search for the dates of Skills School days in your region here

If you would like to get involved then email your regional Skills School Coach, you can find their contact details here

How is this CPD? 

As part of the coaching CPD programme skills school will take place over multiple sessions within a “live” coaching context, and as such involve planning & coaching alongside other coaches. There is also a strong reflective element to Skills School, with coaches attending being supported in reflecting on their coaching.

In addition to playing an active role in the delivery of the days coaches attending Skills School will be able to access the Skills School Session data base which contains a range of resources and sessions.  

Skills School days will actively support coaches to develop a community of practice with other youth coaches and each day will focus upon developing coaches ability to deliver engaging, effective and creative sessions. 

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