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Performance Parents

Parents are the single greatest influence on the development of your child, and, in triathlon in particular, British Triathlon believes parents have a big role to play in an athlete’s formative years as parents are often the glue that holds everything together.

British Triathlon is committed to doing what it can to support parents and this page has been designed to support you as a parent and includes a range of different resources.

  • Performance Parents Handbook – can be viewed here, and this is the first place to go as it covers the basics of what you want and need to know. It is broken down into three main sections – understanding the journey, sport specific knowledge and being the best supporter and facilitator.
  • Parents’ Guide to the Athlete Development Framework – can be viewed here, and has been created to support you with understanding our Athlete Development Framework (ADF) which is a set of principles that align with British Triathlon’s values on athletic development and coaching practice.
  • Join our Pathway Parents Facebook group. This is a resource for parents to use by sharing insights and/or asking questions of each other and us. At the same time we will also use it to communicate key dates and other links, or useful information that we feel is worth you having. Unfortunately, due to Covid the group has been relatively dormant and because we know it can work well, we’re looking to resurrect it so would please ask that you use the group and also contribute whenever you can. 


Other useful documents and links are listed below:



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