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Exploring options

Exploring options, the second stage of Project 18, is about using your identified needs and preferences to support you gathering the information you need. This we hope will ensure you make the best possible and most informed choice at stage three.

This section is very much down to you, we have identified a number of places where you can source information, be that websites, educational establishments or triathlon training centres. How you move forward and explore these is up to you, though we would obviously suggest that you look to base your research on meeting your identified individual needs.

How it works

This section is not an exhaustive resource and does not seek to give every athlete the answers that they need, that would not be possible. What it aims to do is one, to alert you to, and two, to support you in considering the various available options and/or signpost you to other additional relevant information.

Remember this section is about gathering information and keeping options open – better to not rule anything out or in at this stage – instead keep an open mind.

Whenever possible we have used case studies on either some of our leading athletes and/or athletes in the Pathway athletes to illustrate and bring to life the various options that are available.

All information for this section can be found by following the links off this page 

What are the options?

Obviously the options open to you are many and varied, for ease we have grouped these into two distinct categories.

  1. What are you going to do?
  2. Where are you going to do it?

We will look into the What first before moving onto the Where. Whilst there is a very popular route choice for most athletes it is important to be clear that this is NOT the only option.

What are you going to do?

1. Higher Education

Studying for a degree or similar and balancing training alongside this is by far the current most popular option for Pathway athletes.

Find out more about higher education options here.

2. Employment

For those not wanting to continue in higher education finding full or part time work and balancing this with training is a definite option.

Find out more about employment options here.

3. Becoming a professional athlete

We are not convinced becoming a true professional athlete is a real option for a triathlete aged eighteen. This section explains why and also contains interviews with current athletes who are prioritising triathlon by training full time while supporting themselves through part time work.

Find out more here.

4. Take time out

Taking time out and having a break, from education or starting a career, may well be a consideration for some.

Find out more about taking time out here.

Where are you going to do this?

1) Training Centre

As studying for a degree is the most common option all of the leading training centres are attached to or based at Universities. It is important to note that you are able to be based at a Training Centre and not be studying for a degree.

Find out more about Training Centres here.

2) Other Universities

As the popularity of triathlon increases across the UK, many universities now have an active triathlon club that will compete and normally have a focus on the British Universities Championships (BUCS). The universities listed responded to our invite to be included in the project, however, due to the number we don’t believe this to be an exhaustive list so please do check if looking to attend an un-listed university what the triathlon support provision is. We would also advise looking into the ‘Basing yourself at home’ section as the advice here would be very relevant.

Find out more about Universities with Tri Clubs here.

3) Basing yourself at home

For some athletes this may feel like a very natural option. This section includes athletes who chose to leave the family home but still have a home based training environment e.g. they are not resident at a Training Centre.

Find out more about home based training here.

4) Basing yourself abroad

Studying or living and working abroad may well appeal to some.

Find out more about basing yourself abroad here.

Who can help?

There are a number of people here who might be able to assist you in gathering the information you need, outside of your immediate family or guardians.

  • Any coaches you work with
  • Athletes you train with
  • Teachers
  • School careers staff/job centre
  • Staff/athletes at any of the universities/colleges or workplaces that you might visit during this stage of the process

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