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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

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Coaching Insurance

CoverĀ is provided by the Core Coach and Ultimate Coach Home Nation membership packages.

All learners that attend a British Triathlon recognised coach education course must have an appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance for all aspects of their coaching practice. This cover must remain in place during the course .

This insurance protects coaches from claims made against them which could incur through coaching. An example of this could be a person who was injured during a coaching session and felt the coach was to blame through action or inaction.

Cover is provided by either of the Home Nation Core Coach or Ultimate Coach membership packages . Your standard membership will be conveted to coach when you complete your first coaching qualification. Visit the British Triathlon Insurance Centre to view the Affiliated Coach insurance cover.

Furthers details on insurance and coaching remits can be found online in the coaching guidelines within the learning hub.

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