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Coach Support Scheme


The British Triathlon Coach Support Scheme provides coaches at all levels in the sport with a bespoke 1:1 support service for their ongoing development on their coach learning journey. This scheme gives coaches the opportunity to have a personal mentor to support them in identifying their ongoing training needs, to create personal development plans and provide an overall support structure to a coach in helping build confidence and to be able to confide in someone when faced with a coaching problem or challenge.

Having access to a personal mentor to support and advise is an essential opportunity for any coach who is committed to their personal development, striving to achieve coaching excellence.

Mentoring partnerships can be formally structured and established, with mentors assigned to coaches, or they can grow and develop out of a chance to encounter with a like-minded person and can remain very informal.

Who is this for?

This support is available to any triathlon coach who fulfil the following criteria:

  • A genuine commitment to continous learning and advancing themselves as a coach.
  • A valid triathlon coaching qualification (Level 1, 2 or 3).
  • A British Triathlon Coach Essential or Coach Plus membership package.

What can you expect from the Scheme?

From the point of registering your interest in this scheme, we will strive to pair you with a suitable mentor within 10 days. All our mentors are trained to a high standard and have access to a qualified supervisor from the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

To be recognised as a British Triathlon mentor, adherence to the Mentor Code of Coaching Ethics is a mandatory requirement which is found on our Learning Hub before gaining access to our mentors.

You will receive bespoke coach development support from one of our mentors. You will choose a mentor who has skills and expertise that match your areas of development. This may be on a sport-specific basis, e.g. getting technical support to improve your running coaching or on a more generic basis, e.g. being supported if you have recently become head club coach and now need to lead and manage a team of coaches for the first time.


Sorrel shares her experience of the British Triathlon Coach Support Programme from a mentee's perspective

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