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The Learning hub is the e-learning resource for all British Triathlon Coaches.


What is a Mentor

Mentoring is an effective and powerful opportunity for both mentor and mentee. Find out more about what a mentor is!

Become a Mentor

The Club Coach Mentor Award provides coaches with the opportunity to build confidence and develop their knowledge, skills and tools supporting other coaches to develop.

Find a Mentor

Interested in finding a coach mentor to support you in your development as a coach? Request a Mentor to join you on your coaching journey.

Mentoring Coaches Under 18

Mentoring coaches under the age of 18 comes with its unique challenges and considerations. Click here for more information.

Requirements, Policies & Procedures

Learn about the essential prerequisites for enrolling in our courses and workshops and explore our comprehensive Policies and Procedures section, covering terms and conditions, fair assessment and more.

Ongoing Support

Stay connected and grow as a coach with our comprehensive on-going support. Join social media groups, engage in communities of practice, attend conferences and webinars, and find a mentor for continuous development.

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