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How to become an Accredited Mentor

Mentoring has operated on a mixed informal and formal basis to date within the British Triathlon coaching system.

As a highly recognised and valued learning opportunity, British Triathlon is increasingly making good use of this and drawing significant value from its benefits and inviting more coaches to take up a mentoring role within the sport.


Toby shares his experience of the British Triathlon Coach Support Programme from a mentors perspective


This programme has evolved based on three defining key principles:

  • Educating and developing identified mentors engaged in formal and informal roles within all British Triathlon Coach Development programmes.
  • Creating a diverse group of individuals with a range of expertise to best support the development of triathlon coaches at all levels or operation.
  • Raising standards of coaching skills and expertise throughout the high performance system.

What you will achieve from this programme:

  • The ability to make a difference, maximising a coach’s potential.
  • Confidence to have a conversation with a Mentee focusing on their agenda.
  • Skills to maximise mentoring conversations that form the development support for coaches.
  • A clear understanding of the ethics involved with the Mentor/Mentee relationship.
  • Action plans to maintain momentum with your continued learning.
  • Networking with Mentors to create a learning network.
  • Engagement in a mentoring programme that has wide reaching impact in sport.

The workshops will be practical with demonstrations in which you will take part and there will be plenty of opportunities to practice your skills.  You will also get feedback about your progress. However, please note this key point: you are responsible for your learning; our job is to help you maximise the opportunity from this experience.

Course Pre-requisites

  • Hold a British Triathlon coach membership package
  • Minimum age 18 years on application
  • Candidates will have completed a minimum of a Level 2 Triathlon Qualification


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