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Guidelines and Insurance


To ensure the delivery of safe and engaging sessions, British Triathlon has developed comprehensive guidelines for coaches, activators and leaders. These guidelines provide valuable insights and recommendations on various factors, including environments, remits, and appropriate participant ratios. These guidelines serve as a valuable resource to coaches, activators and leaders empowering them to create a secure and inclusive environment.

Coaching Guidelines are aimed at all coaches and activators (activators qualified pre-2023).

Leader Guidelines are aimed at Swim Bike Run Leaders. 

By following these guidelines, coaches, activators and leaders can confidently deliver sessions that prioritise the safety and well-being of all participants. 


Coaching Guidelines Leader Guidelines
Coaching Code of Practice

As part of their qualification or award, all coaches, activators and leaders are required to sign up to the Code of Practice. This code serves as a professional standard that outlines the expected behaviour and ethical principles for individuals in these roles. It ensures that coaches, activators and leaders maintain the highest standards of integrity, respect, and inclusivity while carrying out their responsibilities. The Code of Practice is a crucial component of our commitment to upholding professional standards within the triathlon community. To familiarise yourself with the code and it’s guiding principles, you can find it here. By adhering to this code, coaches, activators and leaders play an essential role in creating a positive and supportive environment for all participants in the sport of triathlon. 

Code of Practice
Coach Membership

You must hold a valid Core or Ultimate Home Nation membership to access courses and maintain membership for the entire course. This additionally provides insurance cover during your training, and once you are qualified. Find out more about membership here.

Coaching Insurance

Full details of the insurance cover available to coaches can be found here through the British Triathlon Insurance Centre.

Fair Assessment 

We take pride in our commitment to fair assessment practices to ensure a transparent and equitable evaluation process. As such, we have implemented a comprehensive Fair Assessment Policy that outlines our approach to assessment and grading. This policy provides clear guidelines and procedures to ensure that all learners are evaluated fairly and consistently. We believe in fostering an environment where individuals have equal opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. By upholding these standards, we aim to provide a fair and unbiased assessment experience for all learners, promoting a sense of trust and confidence in the assessment process. 

Health and Safety 

We prioritise the health and safety of all learners in our courses and events. As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe environment, we have developed a robust Health and Safety Policy. This policy outlines our comprehensive approach to risk management and sets forth guidelines to minimise potential hazards. We conduct thorough risk assessments of all our course venues to identify and address any potential risks. It is our utmost priority to provide a secure and protected learning environment for everyone involved. 

Young Persons Coaching Guidance

British Triathlon is committed to expanding the ways in which the sport is offered and making it accessible to more young people than ever before. To make the sport an enjoyable experience for all young people, we must start by ensuring that they are safe and protected within the sport. This means reducing the risk of injury or illness through participation, as well as putting in place strong safeguarding practices to look after the wellbeing of everyone involved.

As we expand the offer to young people, rather than putting barriers in place, we want to support those involved in helping us to achieve this – clubs (and their volunteers), coaches, activators, and event organisers.

The guidance covered in this document is intended for use by sanctioned British Triathlon coaches who hold a valid Home Nation Membership and/or affiliated British Triathlon clubs. British Triathlon accepts no responsibility if an unsanctioned coach, or a coach who doesn't hold a valid Home Nation membership or an unaffiliated club chooses to operate using this guidance.

Please note the ratios on page 4 of the Young Persons Coaching Guidance will come live from March 2024, until that point ratios will remain as on page 29 of the Coaching Guidelines. We strongly urge clubs, coaches, activators and event organisers to consider planning ahead now for the future ratio changes. Coach education courses are available throughout the autumn and winter season.

Young Persons Guidance
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Privacy Policy

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