Learning Hub

The Learning hub is the e-learning resource for all British Triathlon Coaches.

Ongoing Support

Communities of Practice 

Learning takes place in many forms we actively encourage coaches to play an active role in Communities of Practice. These informal learning environments will vary in scale and theme, allowing development and sound boarding conversations between coaches.  

Coaches Corner 

Join our coaching community and become part of a group of amazing people all passionate about delivering great experiences through swim, bike, and run. Find the latest news, courses, and professional development opportunities, ask questions, discuss ideas and share your experiences.

Find a Mentor 

Find a Mentor provides coaches, activators and leaders at all levels in the sport with a 1:1 support service for their ongoing development on their learning journey to support them in identifying their ongoing training needs, create personal development plans and provide an overall support.

Ad-hoc webinars and online workshops 

Alongside our formal learning opportunities from time-to-time British Triathlon offer informal ad hoc webinars. These might be themed, linked to our partners or cross over departments. When available these can be viewed and booked through our CPD course listings. 

Coaching Matters

Check out our new section on the Learning Hub called Coaching Matters, where you can find our latest coaching Vodcasts and information!

Conferences and events 

British Triathlon periodically plan conferences and events to encourage ongoing learning and development. These are also great for networking and challenging your thinking.  Keep an eye out for these opportunities in your inbox and on our social media channels.

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