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Creative Corner

Grab Your Pens and Crayons! 

We love creativity here at British Triathlon. The Creative Corner is the place to get your multisport poems, stories and drawings published. We’d love to show how young people across the country have been inspired by triathlon!
The topic is triathlon and we would love to publish your: 

  • Stories
  • Poems
  • Drawings 
  • Hand made crafts 

For sculptures, your own t-shirts or any other hand made crafts, take a photo! 

If you've created something cool then don’t hesitate to email it to us at with Creative Corner in the subject. Don’t forget to include your first name, age and region. 

Browse below to see what others have sent in. 

Mixed Relay Cup Nottingham 2 September 2017 

British Triathlon offered children visiting the membership stand  at the Mixed Relay Cup in Nottingham the chance to come up with some fantastic tri suit designs! Scroll down to see them all.

From the left: Bethany (aged 9), Charlotte (aged 12), Daisy (aged 2) and Edith (aged 3)

From the left: Eloise (aged 12), Grace (aged 10), Harley (aged 8) and Isabella (aged 2) 

From the left: Isabelle (aged 8), Leon (aged 4), Matthew (aged 10) and Myleene (aged 8)

From the left: Oliver (aged 3), Oscar (aged 4), Robert (aged 8) and Scott (aged 9)

From the left: Taylor (aged 4), Tristan (aged 5), Tyler (age unknown) and unknown contributor 

Vaughn (aged 10)

Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon Colouring Competition 10-11 June 2017

British Triathlon offered children visiting the membership stand  at the Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon Series in Leeds the chance to be the LUCKY WINNER of our new and exciting ‘Design a Trisuit’ competition.

The prize, a junior TRISUIT, was gifted by our new membership benefit provider Dolphin Kick. The fun design and attention to detail make these suits a great addition to the race day experience!

The lucky winner this time was Freya (11). Stay tuned – more competitions are to come! 

Freya (aged 11) 

Fancy having a go at your own design? Download the templates below:

Design a trisuit - Boy template Design a trisuit - Girl template


Competition Entries

From the left: Aimee (age unknown), Olivia (aged 10), Charlotte (aged 12) and Amy (age unknown)

From the left:  Rhys (aged 7), Zac (age unknown), Melissa (aged 7) and Isabel (aged 8)

From the left: Anna (aged 11), Felicity (aged 4), Isla (aged 5) and Macy (aged 10)

From the left: Toby (aged 9), Nathaniel (aged 6), Anpin (aged 4) and Ellani (aged 9) 

From the left: Charlie (aged 6), Oliver (aged 8), Eden (age unknown) and Jamie (aged 11 and 3/4)

From the left: Alex (aged 5), Amy (aged 10), Isla (aged 7) and Thomas (aged 4)

From the left: Freddie (age unkown), Freddie (age unknown),  Kian (aged 3) and Alex (aged 5)

From the left: Isabel (age unknown), Christy (aged 13), Mairi (aged 8) and Allan (aged 10)

From the left: Kyle (aged 7), Aston (aged 10), Struan (aged 10) and Ella-Rose (age unknown)

From the left: Katy (age unknown), Jack (aged 14), Callum (aged 8), and Sofia (aged 7)

From the left: Fergus (age unknown), Will (age unknown), Erina (aged 4) and Jacob (aged 5) 

From the left: Hannah (aged 10), Jessica (aged 5), William (aged 6) and Lydia (aged 12)

From the left: Polly (aged 8), Emily (aged 12), Isobel (age unknown) and Toby (age unknown)

From the left: Eve (age unknown), Kateleine (aged 9), Elesma (age unknown) and Ella (aged 9)



Jenson (aged 12)


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