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What is triathlon for children?

New to the sport?

What is triathlon for the TriStar age-group?

  • Swim - Triathlon always starts with a swim. The swim can be any stroke apart from backstroke.
  • Bike - The next step is to get on your bike. Any type of bike will do - just check it is roadworthy.
  • Run - Finally, it's time for a bit of running!

There are also other multi-sport events and combinations for you to try. The two most common are aquathlons, which involve a swim followed by a run and duathlons which is run-bike-run.


Triathlon really is a sport for all ages. Athletes can begin their journey at the age of 8 in the TriStar Start category and continue competing until they are over 80 years old, if they wish! 

Code Category Age
TSS TriStars Start 8
TS1 TriStars 1 9-10
TS2 TriStars 2 11-12
TS3 TriStars 3 13-14

Join a club

If you need some help with training or coaching, you might want to contact your local triathlon club to find out more and get involved. Joining a club is great way to meet new friends and progress your training in a safe environment. You can search for British Triathlon affiliated clubs here.

Take part in events

There are children’s triathlon events taking place right across the country. We are sure to have an event to suit you. Find out what is available and enter an event here. Alternatively you can find events as part of the regional junior series.

regional Junior series

Contact your region

If you have questions about activities for children in your local area, contact your region or Home Nation.

Triathlon Trust Activities

The Triathlon Trust use the sport of triathlon to inspire children to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. The trust work across the UK to bring a fun, free and inclusive experience of sport to children aged 8-14, who might otherwise not have the opportunity. The events are non-competitive and use a combination of swimming, biking, running, rowing, scooting and jumping to get kids active, both indoors and outdoors. Events include:

  • In-school training sessions and events
  • Multi-school triathlon festivals
  • Static triathlon activities at high-profile events

Find out more here.

Talent Pathway

The national Talent Pathway helps prepare promising triathletes for success at the highest levels, providing a gateway onto the British Triathlon Performance Pathway.

Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland and Welsh Triathlon each offer Talent Academies. The academies are led by a Head Coach who works with national staff to deliver a programme of support to the best youth and junior triathletes in their region. There are specific selection criteria to be selected for the academies. Find out more here.

Children’s race distances and age requirements

Triathlon Pool Swim Open Water Swim Cycle (Grass) Cycle (Tarmac) Run
Tristars Start (Age 8) 50m 100m 800m 1500m 600m
TriStars 1 (Ages 9-10) 150m 200m 2km 4km 1200m
TriStars 2 (Ages 11-12) 200m 300m 4km 6km 1800m
TriStars 3 (Ages 13-14) 300m 500m 6km 8km 2400m
Duathlon Run 1 Cycle (Grass) Cycle (Tarmac) Run 2
TriStars Start (Age 8) 400m 800m 1500m 200m
TriStars 1 (Ages 9-10) 1200m 2km 4km 400m
TriStars 2 (Ages 11-12) 1600m 4km 6km 600m
TriStars 3 (Ages 13-14) 2km 6km 8km 800m
Aquathlon Pool Swim Open Water Swim Run
TriStars Start (Age 8) 50m 100m 600m
TriStars 1 (Ages 9-10) 150m 200m 1500m
TriStars 2 (Ages 11-12) 250m 300m 2km
TriStars 3 (Ages 13-14) 400m 500m 3km


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