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Legal Claims Service

We hope you will never need to use this service but if an incident occurs when training or racing, British Triathlon provides an Incident Legal Service for members of Triathlon England & Welsh Triathlon through our preferred legal partner Leigh Day. This service provides Home Nation members relevant legal advice in circumstances in which an incident arises within England and Wales and it is not your fault. (Triathlon Scotland provides a separate Incident Legal Service through preferred legal partner Digby Brown).

The thoughts of our members who have used this service:

“Excellent service from start to finish”

“This alone makes being a member worthwhile”

“Very professional support through a very difficult time”

“I was very impressed and relieved that British Triathlon has such a quality, experienced firm to represent us athletes”

The service is provided on a discretionary basis to members who have suffered injury or loss in an incident which they consider was not their fault whilst training or racing as a pedestrian, cyclist or swimmer in England and Wales. Additional support is also available on a discretionary basis for accidents outside England and Wales, with special arrangements made for members residing in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

The types of claims where we may be able to assist include: 

  • Injury or damage arising from a road traffic accident whilst cycling or running on the public highway.
  • Injury or damage caused by a highway defect whilst running or cycling on the public highway.
  • Injury arising from the use of a swimming pool.

Our lawyers will provide you with high quality legal service with potentially substantial financial benefits: 

  • You will keep all of your compensation provided the incident occurred within the UK
  • You will not be asked to purchase an insurance policy to indemnify you against a Defendant’s legal costs in the event of an unsuccessful claim.
  • You will not be asked to personally fund any legal disbursements.

Subject to our appointed solicitors being satisfied that there are reasonable prospects of succeeding in your claim, all accidents are normally covered under the terms of the scheme. The scheme provides a full free legal costs indemnity to enable the claim to be progressed quickly and proactively.

For full details of the Legal Service, please see the Legal Claims Service document 

If you have been involved in an incident, the information listed on the accident checklist will help to improve the chances of pursuing a successful claim.

To contact Leigh Day with any legal claims service inquiries, telephone 0161 672 5300 or email

Please note Triathlon Scotland members are covered by a separate preferred partner, visit the Triathlon Scotland Legal Claims Service page for more information.

*Not applicable to Race Pass holders

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*All explanations are worded as comprehensively as possible and this page is updated regularly however insurance schedule T&Cs apply and may override what is written on this page. 

**Full list of sactioned event organisers can be found in FAQs

*** Cover for USA/Canada is only applicable to members visiting the USA/Canada temporarily and who are not USA/Canada residents

**** T&Cs apply – insurance cover is only available to UK residents and will not over overseas residents

If you have any additional questions regarding insurance cover within your British Triathlon Home Nation Membership, please email the team: or

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