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AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds

Be the first to know about the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds 2019 with event distances for everyone, from first-time triathletes through to Britain’s best age-groupers, along with spectator and volunteering opportunities.

Top 10 Tips for Incusive Sport

  1. Get support and involve senior coaches and managers.
  2. Use gender neutral language and avoid stereotypes about what is masculine or feminine behaviour.
  3. Always challenge language, behaviour or ‘banter’ that is offensive to lesbian, gay, bi and trans people.
  4. Make sure it’s as unacceptable as other types of behaviour, like racism or religious intolerance, and communicate this to members and parents.
  5. Be approachable as a club and make the effort to find out more about local organisations and groups that offer support to LGBT young people or adults.
  6. Challenge positively. Use questions and explain why and how someone’s words and actions have an impact.
  7. Work with club members to create a set of values that includes respect for everyone.
  8. Make LGBT issues more visible – use Stonewall’s posters and run campaigns like Rainbow Laces.
  9. Offer mixed teams and exercises where possible.
  10. Be confident and positive about making sport open to everyone – mistakes may be made along the way, but remember you’re going in the right direction.

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