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Interested in creating positive race experiences in swim, bike, run? Join our community of Technical Officials! With opportunities to develop your skills and progress from local to international officiating, there’s a course that’s right for you.

Use the search buttons below to find an officiating course or take a look at our officiating pathway to see your next step.

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Why Officiate?

We know you’ll want to make a difference when you officiate, but it’s not just about what you can do for us or your community, our officials can get a lot out of the experience too.

  • Make a positive impact on the community - Our officials support events across Britain year round to help create positive race experiences by ensuring that races are safe and fair. They are integral to the success of events and the growth of the sport.
  • Learn new skills - You don’t need to have any previous volunteering experience to become a Technical Official. You’ll learn the skills you need on the courses.
  • Enhance your CV - Officiating can be a great way to enhance your CV and show employers what you can do and the commitment you can make.
  • Make new friends and meet new people - Officiating is a great way to see a different side of the sport and there's lots of opportunities to meet like minded people, make friends and connections.
  • Opportunity to progress to officiate at the highest level - Our officials have gone on to officiate at the highest level of sporting events including World Championships, Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games.

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Where do I start?

Step 1

The first step of getting involved in officiating is either the Local Technical Official or the Motorcycle Official Course. Find out more about these two opportunities below to start your journey.

two women technical officials writing notes at the finish line of an event


Volunteer Technical Officials are eligible to be the Chief Technical Official at pool based triathlon, aquathlon and duathlon events along, including children's and paratriathlon events. They are also qualified to be an Assistant Technical Official at open water events.

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two male technical officials on a motorbike riding around the bike course of an event


Volunteer Motorcycle Officials assist with the cycle segment of an event, ensuring that competitors are safe and not gaining an unfair advantage.

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Safeguarding Training

In order to become a qualified Technical or Motorcycle Official, Officials must complete a Safeguarding Training Session which is endorsed by CIMSPA and carries 2 CPD points OR complete a Safeguarding and Protecting Children course as part of a British Triathlon coaching qualification. 

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Step 2

The Regional Technical Officials course is designed to build on the experience gained as a Local Technical Official and further develop Officials.

female technical official on the bike course smiling at the camera gesturing with a thumbs up


Regional Technical Officials are eligible to officiate as the Chief Technical Official at open water events and be part of the officiating team at British Triathlon and Home Nation Association Major Events.

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Step 3

The National Technical Official course provides the transition point from officiating domestically to officiating internationally for Regional Technical Officials. This is the first step on the World Triathlon Officiating Pathway.

two male technical officials checking in a participant with their bike and helmet on into the transition area


National Technical Officials are eligible to act as the Chief Official for Home Nations and British Triathlon Major Events.

Candidate names are forwarded on to World Triathlon annually and following this submission Officials are invited to be part of the officiating team at a World Triathlon or Europe Triathlon event.  Providing this is successful Officials will be eligible to apply to act as a Self-Funded Technical Official at World Triathlon and Europe Triathlon events.

Step 4

World Triathlon manage and organise the highest two officiating levels on the pathway which provide National Technical Officials with the skills, knowledge and understanding to officiate at the highest level events.

male technical official directing participants down to swim start with a pointed finger


Continental Technical Officials are eligible to officiate as part of the Technical Officials team at International events or as the Technical Delegate at Continental (European) events.

male and female technical delegate reviewing the swim start of a world triathlon event


The International Technical Official qualification is the highest level available and International Technical Officials are eligible to be the Technical Delegate at the highest level of International events.

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