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World Triathlon Qualifications

The two highest officiating levels on the pathway are managed by World Triathlon.


World Triathlon manage and organise the highest two officiating levels on the pathway which provide Technical Officials with the skills, knowledge and understanding to officiate as either part of the Technical Official team or as the event's Technical Delegate at the highest level events.

As these courses are World Triathlon courses, the requirements for attendance and course completion are set by World Triathlon.

For further information on the World Triathlon's Technical Education Programme please visit

Continental Technical Official

Completion of the Continental Technical Official (CTO) course provides candidates with the theoretical and practical training required to officiate as part of the Technical Officials team at International events or as the Technical Delegate at Continental (European) events.

The course lasts for two days and covers topics such as:

  • Technical Officials Guide
  • Event Organisers Manual
  • Technical Documentation
  • Case Studies

Following the course there will be a knowledge test and candidates will be requried to attend a World Triathlon/Europe Triathlon event.

In order to be eligible to attend the course Officials must have been operating as a NTO for a minimum of two years and need to have been part of the officiating team at a minimum of four World Triathlon events.

International Technical Official

The International Technical Official (ITO) qualification is the highest level available and provides Officials with the information required to be the Technical Delegate at the highest level of International events.

The course focuses on covering a variety of case studies to provide candidates with a more complete understanding of the issues that may arise at this level of event and supplying suggestions for overcoming these.

The ITO course lasts for three days and candidates should have been officiating as a CTO for a minimum of two years and have officiated at four or more World Triathlon/Europe Triathlon events before progressing.

Changes from 2021 onwards

World Triathlon have announced changes to their certification system, and progression through NTO, CTO and ITO. Further information can be found on the World Triathlon website.

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