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National Technical Officials

The National Technical Official (NTO) course provides the transition point from officiating domestically to officiating internationally. This is the first step on the World Triathlon Officiating Pathway.


The transition from officiating at RTO level, where there may only be one Official, to officiating as part of a large team can be a daunting prospect. At Major Events, Technical Officials are assigned a specific role which is much more focussed in scope. It is important to ensure that Officials wishing to progress to NTO have the tools, resources and confidence to carry out these duties, and maintain the high regard in which British Technical Officials are held internationally.

The content of the NTO course is designed to enable Officials to progress from being part of the officiating team at a British Triathlon or Home Nations Major Event to become the Chief Official for one of these events. The course also covers the information required to be eligible to begin officiating as part of the technical team at World Triathlon and Europe Triathlon events.

The training for this level consists of:

  • Attending a full day course
  • An associated knowledge tester
  • Being part of the officiating team at a British Triathlon or Home Nations Major Event
  • OPTIONAL: being part of the officiating team at World Triathlon or Europe Triathlon event in order to gain World Triathlon Level 1 qualification

View a full overview of the qualification process here.

Course Content

The content of the course is specific to providing British Technical Officials with the information and understanding needed to take the next step, both domestically and internationally and covers:

  • The World Triathlon Competition Rules
  • Event Protocol
  • Roles at Events

Role Descriptor

Following the successful completion of both the theoretical and practical elements of the course candidates will be eligible to act as the Chief Official for Home Nations and British Triathlon Major Events.

Candidate names are forwarded on to World Triathlon annually and following this submission Officials are invited to be part of the officiating team at a World Triathlon or Europe Triathlon event.  Providing this is successful Officials will be eligible to apply to act as a Self-Funded Technical Official at World Triathlon and Europe Triathlon events.


To attend the course candidates must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have fully completed the RTO qualification
  • Have been operating as a RTO for a minimum of two years
  • Have been the Chief Official at a minimum of 6 events and have been part of the officiating team at a minimum of four British Triathlon or Home Nations Major Events
  • Have been part of the officiating team at an event run under World Triathlon rules
  • Have been proposed by their respective Region having fully satisfied the above criteria


As volunteers, qualified Regional Technical Officials are entitled to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred for attending domestic events, which are claimed directly from the Event Organiser. The British Triathlon Officials Expenses Policy can be found in the Officiating Resources section.

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