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Aged 8-18? Find out more about being a Junior triathlete

Take a look at the new Juniors website section, and as an English or Welsh Home Nation member you can login and start building your online trophy cabinet.

A festive triathlon gift to last all year...

Give someone special the opportunity to unlock the benefits of multi-sport and discover the  thrills of triathlon with a British Triathlon Home Nation Gift Membership. From the beginner to the pro, this Christmas you have the opportunity to give them a whole year’s worth of experiences through a gift that really matters.


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Gift Membership Prices

home nation adult (25+) affiliated club member under 24 under 19 under 16
Triathlon England £51 £40 £24 £24 £24
Welsh Triathlon £51 £40 £24 £24 £24
Triathlon Scotland £40 £36 £15 £15 £10

*Welsh Triathlon affiliated club members will get a club discount on junior memberships. 

Please note; junior memberships for Welsh Triathlon and Triathlon Scotland are subsidised by the Home Nation. 

Access to a whole world of rewards and benefits...

Your gift recipient will get access to exclusive discounts for their favourite triathlon brands, as well as 24/7 insurance cover and legal services that will protect them when racing AND training. They'll get unlimited access to hundreds of events which are perfect for all abilities, in addition to becoming part of a larger network of triathletes.

Get Gift Membership...

Our Gift Membership will provide your gift recipient with a membership card and a Christmas card, the first 250 purchases will also receive a ROKA swim hat, P20 sun protection and a British Triathlon pen*. The membership will be valid until Tuesday 31 December 2019.

Buy before Tuesday 11 December 2018 (Sunday 16 December 2018 for Triathlon Scotland) to make sure the Gift Membership pack arrives in time for Christmas or, if you’ve missed the deadline, download our Christmas e-card so you can give something to open on the day.


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*Triathlon Scotland offers a Scottish themed gift membership package, which is different to the one above.

Gift Membership Terms and Conditions 


When will I receive the Gift Membership?

Gift Membership purchased after the deadline of Tuesday 11 December 2018 for Triathlon England and Welsh Triathlon or Sunday 16 December 2018 for Triathlon Scotland may not be delivered to the designated address chosen during the membership application process before Christmas. We will aim to get membership packs delivered within 14 days.

Where will the Gift Membership be sent?

You can choose whether you want the Gift Membership pack to be sent straight to the recipient or to your address during the purchasing process. Gift Membership will only be delivered to UK addresses.  If the recipient address is chosen during the application process and the recipients address is outside of the UK, then the gift pack will be sent to the purchasers address. Once processed and posted, we will assume receipt of your Membership Pack. It is your responsibility to notify us using the contact details at the end of these terms if you do not receive your Membership Pack.  

Will the Gift Membership be received in time for Christmas?

Yes, if you order your Gift Membership before Tuesday 11 December 2018 for Triathlon England and Welsh Triathlon or Sunday 16 December 2018 for Triathlon Scotland. If you order after these dates you will receive an e-card to download, print out and give as something to open on Christmas day.

When will Gift Membership expire?

Any Gift Membership brought between Tuesday 5 November and Sunday 24 December 2018 will be valid until Tuesday 31 December 2019.

Who can receive a Gift Membership?

Anyone aged 8 or above on or before Monday 31 December 2018 is able to have a Gift Membership purchased for them. If your Gift Membership recipient is 80 or older on Monday 31 December 2018, please call Membership Services on 01509 226 153.

When can I buy Gift Membership?

You can purchase Gift Membership until Monday 24 December 2018.

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