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GO TRI Regional Junior Duathlon Relay

15th October 2017, Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Minet Park


Race Results

The individual and club results from the duathlon can be downloaded here. Many congratulation to all entrants for making it a fantastic experience for all, with especial congratulations to the event winners and overall club champions for 2017, Greenwich Tritons.

What is it?

Inspired by the announcement that in addition to the exist standard distance event, a triathlon relay event will be added to the next olympics in Tokyo, we am organising a relay duathlon which will be on the morning of the 15th October at the Hillingdon cycle track. 

First things first, a triathlon relay venue was difficult to find, so in its inaugral year we will be organising a duathlon relay event instead. If successful we will examine the possibility of a triathlon relay in future years. Secondly, unlike other sporting relays, each competitor does a whole duathlon, albeit, shorter distances than normal (see below) before handing over to a team member who also does a complete mini-duathlon before handing over to another teammates etc until the final member of the team crosses the line. Final positions are determined by the place the final athlete crosses the finish line. So, it is very much a team event with every team member contributing to the final result.

GO TRI with Club Championship

With the shorter distances the event is equally ideal for those new to the sport, and equally those who want to show just how fast they can go. We are organising the event under the GO TRI banner so it is open to all competitors. As a GO TRI event we hope to attract more people into the sport, supported by Triathlon England, who pay the day membership for all competitors.

At the same time we will be awarding club points and a club trophy to the most successful London triathlon club on the day. Points will be awarded for the top teams in each category (depending on numbers attending), with an overall winning team determined by accumulated points at the end of the day. Points from this will contribute to the triathlon club of the year awarded at the end of season award ceremony. The idea is that each club will enter as many teams as they can muster to represent their club. However, there will be a maximum of two scoring teams per category per club so as not to overly disadvantage the smaller clubs. In the event of a tie, the number of winning teams representing the tied clubs will be a decider. If there is still no clear winner, a draw will be declared. Points will be awarded as below, so keep racing to the end, eighth place could be the point needed for your club.

Finishing Position Points
First 8
Second 7
Third 6
Fouth 5
Firth 4
Sixth 3
Seventh 2
Eighth 1

Many of the young athletes who compete in the regular series are not part of any club set-up. In order to include them, Natasha Jodrell  has kindly volunteered to be "manager" for all those athletes who are not affiliated to a club. Please only contact Natasha if you are NOT an existing member of a London triathlon club and interested in competing at the event. If you are a member of a triathlon club the contact points I have for different clubs are:

Comet - Michael Holden

Crystal Palace - Anna Moorhouse

Ealing - Sarah Larkam

Greenwich Tritons - Ed Simpson

Jetstream - Neil Procter

London Fields - Amanda Wilmer

Thames Turbo - Ralph Hydes

Westcroft - Simon Bailey

Please contact your club representative to register your interest. If you are a member of another club not mentioned here, then I have not received a point of contact from your club. If you could let me know who your club contact might be, then the more the merrier. Please agree this with them in advance.

Ethos of the Day

I want everyone to have a chance of winning. As such if your club decides to enter a team I would request the coaches make each team as equitable as possible. I do not want to see an A-team, B-team etc. Inevitably there will be some variation in the strengths of each team, but I want the teams to be as equal as possible so that many athletes not normally on the podium have a chance of competing. I may consider deducted team points at the end of the day if any team is packed with top athletes where avoidable.

Team Format

Unlike the usual races, junior triathlon relays are typically mixed sex and merged age categories. For ease of forming teams and to keep racing competitive each teams will consist of 3 members, with each member required to complete the distances shown below. The event will have 3 categories. The first category will be made up of athletes in the Tri-Start and / orTri Star1 age groups, the second category will be made up of Tri-star2 and / or Tristar3, and the final category will consist of youths and /or juniors.  Teams can be single sex or mixed teams as team managers deem appropriate to fit with the ethos of submitting equitable teams.  There is only 1 race per age-group, there is no distinct boys or girls categories, just a single age category, so essentially there will be 3 races on the day.

While it is encouraged that each team consists of 3 members, if on the day you only have two members of a team, one member can run a second leg. This athlete must do the first and third leg of the relay. Please let us know in advance if this is something you need to do. 

Event Distances

Age Category

Start time

Run1 Bike Run2
Youth / Junior 9:30 700m 3km 200m
Tri Star2 / Tri Star3 10:45 700m 2km 200m
TriStart / Tri Star1 12:00 300m 1km 200m


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