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Be the first to know about the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham 2019 with event distances for everyone, from first-time triathletes through to Britain’s best age-groupers, along with spectator and volunteering opportunities.

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Inter-Regional Championships

Represent your region at the U20's Festival

The IRC's comprise a weekend of racing by regional teams from throughout the UK at the British Triathlon U20's Festival.  

Each region takes a team of 12 athletes from TriStar 2 and TriStar 3 categories (3 male and 3 female athletes from each age group). This years U20's event will take place on the 15th and 16th September at Mallory Park, Leicestershire.

Qualify for the London Team

IRC Selection

Selection of the London Inter-Regional Championships (IRC) team (T2 & T3 categories) for 2018 will be based on the performance in the regional series triathlon events; The Bridge, Crystal Palace and Trinity triathlons and the IRC test event at Eton Dorney on 7th July.

Event Date Entry Link
Crystal Palace 13th May Results
The Bridge 17th June Entry Open
Trinity 1st July Entry Open
Eton Dorney 7th July Entry Open

We will sum the two highest scoring triathlon points from the London series, plus the same scoring system based on their performance in the Eton Dorney event. i.e. applying the same scoring to the Eton Dorney event as a regular series triathlon. 

IRC Standings

The standings in the race to be part of the London team after the first triathlon can be seen here.

IRC Criteria

Last year, we felt, the team was at a disadvantage to not have competed in a test event which was similar in nature to the IRC event itself. This year we have worked with the other local regions and the event organisers to avoid a clash with series events. The test event will have the top athletes from several regions and have the open-water swim and draft legal cycle with gearing restrictions - so will mirror many of the challenges of the IRC event which are not evident in the series triathlon events.

If you / your child is unable to make the IRC test event we will only consider them for selection if you can provide evidence of success in a similar open-water event, preferably with a drafting cycle leg. It will be your responsibility to signpost the selection team to this evidence (after the test event). 

Each of the 4 categories, Tri-star2 & 3, boys and girls, will have 3 members and 1 reserve. The top 2 scoring athletes in each category based on the above scoring will be selected automatically for the regional IRC team. The third slot and reserve athlete will be chosen by the panel select committee. The 3rd slot and reserve will have a heavy emphasis on performance in the IRC test event.

We feel this arrangement is more equitable to all the athletes, as it will showcase their skills in the right kind of environment while also minimising the risk of a one-off injury, poor performance, illness or other mishap which would prevent the best athletes being included in the team. The selection panel will consist of London Regional Squad coach Jon Horsman, IRC team manager (TBC) and Regional Junior Co-ordinator Martin McGuigan.

IRC Preparation Sessions

For the London 12 athletes (plus 4 reserves) there will be special training sessions organised within London in the 2-3 weeks prior to the IRC event.

These sessions are designed to prepare and equip London’s IRC team with the skills and tactics required for the IRC event and will sit alongside your summer training schedule.  The sessions will cover open water dive starts, sighting, drafting, turning around buoys, wetsuit removal, speedy transitions, mounting and dismounting, drafting & bike handling plus running off your bike.  The sessions also help to create a great team atmosphere and vibe, giving athletes and parents a chance to mix together and support each. 

It is mandatory that all selected athletes will attend at least one cycle and one swim sessions to prepare them for the competition and demonstrate their open-water swimming and drafting skills. The IRC is a sizable step-up from the regular London series and should be treated with due respect by parents and athletes. In addition to racing against the best athletes in the country it incorporates an open-water swim and the cycle is both gear-restricted and draft-allowed race, which will be unfamiliar to many athletes. As such failure to attend at least 2 sessions (including 1 swim and 1 cycle session) will result in the offer of a place being withdrawn and offered to another athlete able to attend the training sessions. The dates for theses sessions will be:

  • Saturday 14th July Tooting Lido swim & run (morning session)
  • Saturday 1st September Shepperton Lake (morning session)
  • Sunday 2nd September Herne Hill Velodrome (morning session)
  • Sunday 9th September Herne Hill Velodrome (morning session)

Timings will be confirmed closer to the dates but probably 8-11am.


U20's Festival

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