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Club Focus: Willesden Triathlon Club


Willesden Triathlon club are a small, friendly group based in North-West London, offering sessions for all abilities.

How did it all start?
We started working with Jenny Vincent from Triathlon England as a Sportivate event in 2011, but we were officially founded as a club in late 2012/early 2013.
And how’s it grown from there?
Though we are still small in numbers, we have become significantly more diverse! We started out as a club targeted toward novice triathletes, but many of our members have been with us almost since we've started. As a result, we have members training to do their first race, long-distance/Ironman races and everything in-between!
How many members?
We currently have around 35 members.
Club colours?
We race in grey, black and red.
What training sessions are on the menu?
On Tuesday nights we offer a swim and run session from 7pm-9pm at the Willesden Sports Centre. We have a longer distance run session on Thursday evenings, meeting at the Centre at 7:30pm. Other sessions are more informal, with most of our members meeting up for cycling, running and open-water swimming a few times a week.  We are also hoping to offer an indoor cycling session and a cycling development group starting this Autumn/Winter.
Do you host any events? 
Yes! We have a spring aquathlon plus a September aquathlon and triathlon. The race is really friendly and great for all levels- plus we've become famous for our homemade post-race treats! You can sign up at
Tell us about any key races or events you target as a club?
This year we raced Marlow as a club for shorter distances and the Outlaw Triathlon (full and half) for longer distances. We usually get a good group out for Hever Castle as well, though our members are racing all over!
What sets your club apart from other triathlon clubs in the area?
We are still are the only tri club in Brent, so that certainly sets us apart! We also bill ourselves as the friendliest tri club, which isn't just talk- the group is welcoming and supportive, no matter your speed, your goals or your experience. 
Any club heroes?
All of our members are heroes- or as we like to call them WARRIORS!
Does the club have any famous past members?
Not yet, but our head coach is also an actress, so we're all hoping to get a mention some day at the Oscars!
Does the club have a Twitter handle / Facebook Page or website?
We're on Facebook as Willesden Tri. We also have a private Facebook group for our club members to chat and plan training sessions/socials. Our twitter handle is @WillesdenTri and our website is
What’s THE club social event of the year?
We have an end of the month social every month, but our highlights are our Christmas dinner and drinks and our annual 'Funger Games'- a training session that is still a tough session, but involves crazy races and Santa costumes.
If you had to give one piece of training advice to new members what would it be?
Probably the best advice to new members is to get involved! Most people find that it doesn't take long to get integrated into the group (have I mentioned that we're friendly?) and that even though the sessions can be tough, they are worth it! One of the club mottos is: 'It doesn't have to be fun to be fun' but somehow it usually manages to be pretty fun!
Annual membership fee? 
£25, plus session fees.
Interview by Lucy Edwards from Havering Triathlon Club. You can follow her on Twitter @paddlepedalpace or her blog at

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