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London Fields’ I am Team GB day at the Olympic Park


I am Team GB events are organised to help inspire people to increase their physical activity, with events focussed on local opportunities to take part. London Fields Triathlon Club attended one of these events at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to showcase triathlon and multisport.

Leah Kenny, Level 1 Coach and Junior Secretary at the London Fields who ran the club’s activation said, “Organisations and groups were running little engagements and we did a pretend transition.

“We got kids and their families to put on a swim cap, run over to a marked out area that was the transition area, take it off, put on their shoes and sprint back to the start line. We timed it and that was the game that they had to do. The first bit when people came over was asking the kids if they knew what triathlon was and then explaining it.

“We did end up getting quite a few people joining and kids coming back after they’d been round the tents to give it another go.

“It was good and aside from getting people to raise awareness of triathlon to let people know about the club. I’ve had a few emails to our juniors inbox and some of them I do recognise and remember speaking to the parents who said they’d get back in touch.”

As a club, London Fields are working with local communities and community groups to help support and encourage more people to take part in swim, bike, run.

“In general we’re trying to do more engagement, Kenny added. “As a committee there’s been discussions around doing more engagement and things in the community for the last year and we just ran an engagement with Hackney Play Association and we ran a mini triathlon.”

“The kids went down a waterslide as a swim, they did some little bike exercises on some bikes that the park had that we’d helped them do up and then they had a little running section.

“We’re going to try and build on these networks that we’ve already formed and keep our eyes open for other ones to do more.”

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Clubs like London Fields Triathlon Club are a great way to get more involved with swim, bike, run, and provide opportunities for both juniors and seniors to hone their skills and connect with other triathletes. Find a club near you using the search below.

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