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London Regional Awards Night


A double Olympian, a junior world duathlon champion and 100's of triathletes celebrated another great year for Triathlon in the capital.

Sunday 6th November saw the London Regional Awards being hosted at Doggett's Coat & Badge in their Thames Riverside room. We had 200 people confirmed for the evening to join us for both the Junior and Senior League Awards. The evening was opened by Debbie Clarke the new Chair of Triathlon London, and hosted by Steve Trew with two guest speakers. Alex Yee, the World Junior duathlon champion and 5th in the ITU World Triathlon series, and Gillian Sanders double Olympian and Commonwealth games medalist. 

The evening was broken into the Junior Series winners, Senior League winners, Regional Volunteer and Team Winners Men's, Ladies, Mixed and Mob match.
It was a super evening, thank you for coming along to support and many thanks to our sponsors.

The photo gallery from the evening is at the link HERE.  Where you can view and purchase copies if you'd like to.

The Junior Series Winners

    Male   Female
TriStart 1st Alexander McGuigan 1st Noémie Klanga
  2nd George O'Reilly 2nd Darcie Bateman
  3rd Oliver Beal    
TriStar 1 =1st  Theo Treadwell / Christian Pauling 1st Daisy Parry
      2nd Sophie Desmond
  3rd  Oscar Bustamante 3rd Chloe Hoseason
TriStar 2 1st Christo Chilton 1st Cerys Howells
  2nd  Oliver Emment 2nd  Maisie Jensen
  3rd Louis Woods 3rd Anna Hadingham
TriStar 3 1st Matyas Sinko 1st Jessica Mayer
  2nd Jacob Patterson 2nd Ella Peters
  3rd  Brett Baker 3rd  Fenella Challinor
Youth 1st  Zac Purnell 1st Elle Horsman
  2nd Kieran Desmond 2nd Lara Atkinson
  3rd Harry Horsman 3rd Anna Willis
Junior 1st  Ollie Hurdle 1st Ruby Wyborn
      2nd Holly Dixon

The London League Team Winners

  Male Team Female Team Mixed Team MOB Match
1st Ful On Tri Crystal Palace Triathletes Crystal Palace Triathletes Clapham Chasers RC
2nd Serpentine RC Ful On Tri Ful On Tri Crystal Palace Triathletes
3rd Crystal Palace Triathletes Clapham Chasers RC Clapham Chasers RC Ful On Tri

Volunteer Awards

Award Winner
Children’s Coach Amanda Wilmer
Children’s Event Trinity Triathlon
Club Event Crystal Palace Triathlon
Club Hillingdon Triathletes
Commercial Event London Triathlon
Participation Coach Ben Webeck
Technical Official John Petrides
Volunteer Xavier Faux
Young Volunteer Dan Pinn

The Age Group Winners

Category Pos Male   Pos Female  
Open Para 1st Garrett Turbutt Trent Park RC 1st Donna DeWick London Fields TC
20-24 1st Thomas Mitchell Clapham Chasers 1st Barbora Susienkova Clapham Chasers
  2nd James Brewer Crystal Palace Triathletes 2nd Nicole Pugson London Fields TC
  3rd Christopher Tait East London Triathletes 3rd Sophie Ovens Crystal Palace Triathletes
25-29 1st Micheal Dowds Crystal Palace Triathletes 1st Hannah Ewens Crystal Palace Triathletes
  2nd George Bright Clapham Chasers 2nd Natasha Raggett Crystal Palace Triathletes
  3rd Isaac Griffiths Westcroft TC 3rd Katie Hayes Clapham Chasers
30-34 1st Haukur Heimisson Ful On Tri 1st Ruth Gloster Clapham Chasers
  2nd Riccardo Composto Clapham Chasers 2nd Susan Mcdonald

Windrush TC

  3rd Geoff Maher Ful On Tri 3rd Claire Tomlinson London Fields TC
35-39 1st Rob Parry Crystal Palace Triathletes 1st Christina Jenkins Ful On Tri
  2nd Sebastian Buhs Serpentine RC 2nd Jane Osborne Ful On Tri
  3rd Alexie Calvert-An Ful On Tri 3rd Emma Swinnerton Ful On Tri
40-44 1st Ewan Lees Ful On Tri 1st Susan Fairfax Crystal Palace Triathletes
  2nd Victor Thompson Crystal Palace Triathletes 2nd Hannah Copeland Ealing Triathletes
  3rd Yu Kawachi Ealing Triathletes 3rd Carolyn McNamara South London Harriers
45-49 1st Rob Argles Ful On Tri 1st Rachel  Maclean Westcroft TC
  2nd William McAvock Serpentine RC 2nd Sue Dyke Ealing Triathletes
  3rd Trevor Chilton Crystal Palace Triathletes 3rd Brigit Brown Crystal Palace Triathletes
50-54 1st Greg Lewis Crystal Palace Triathletes 1st Judith Crichton London Fields TC
  2nd Jon Horsman Crystal Palace Triathletes 2nd Ruki Sidhwa Crystal Palace Triathletes
  3rd Phil Roker Ful On Tri 3rd Sarah Percival Ealing Triathletes
55-59 1st Gareth Robson Crystal Palace Triathletes =1st Christine Meek Ealing Triathletes
  2nd Keith Freegard Ealing Triathletes =1st Louise Alan-Smith Crystal Palace Triathletes
  3rd John Griffin Tri London 3rd Olivia Hetreed   
60-64 1st Chris Holland Westcroft TC 1st Andrea Sanders-Reece Mornington Chasers RC
  2nd Noel Murphy Crystal Palace Triathletes 2nd Helen Hill The Stragglers RC
  =3rd Jeff Grimes Thames Turbo TC 3rd Maggie Swinnerton Westcroft TC
  =3rd Philip Logoreci Clapham Chasers      
65-69 1st Michael Holden Comet TC      

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