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Regional Academies and England Next Generation


Please note that whilst the performance standards stated below are still relevant, the processes for consideration for English Regional Academies and England Next Generation programmes are amended for 2020-2021 due to the Covid-19 situation. Information on the processes can be found in the links below.

The role of coaches and staff working within the England Programme is to support and develop athletes who may have the potential long-term to achieve selection to the British Triathlon World Class Performance Programme (WCPP). Regionally, this is achieved through our Academies and nationally through England Next Generation.

England Programme Vision:

"To deliver world-leading development that inspires progression in participation and performance."

England Programme Mission:

"To be the best developed and supported talent programme."


2020/2021 COVID-19 update

We recognise that the unprecedented circumstances caused by the Covid-19 situation has affected all athletes, parents, coaches, English Regional Academy leads (RAL) and British Triathlon staff and that everyone’s situation is unique. The England Next Generation (ENG) programme staff and RALs all share a responsibility to athletes and parents during this time and have endeavoured to engage and connect with their athletes throughout the lockdown period. When it is deemed appropriate by those individual ENG staff and RALs, it is hoped face-to-face activity will recommence, but only when safe to do so and when the need is such.

To provide some clarity, we can confirm the following regarding the English Regional Academies:

  • The 2019-20 Regional Academy and England Next Generation year is being extended to December 2020. Athletes selected into academies or the ENG programme for this year will remain part of the academy during this period.

There will be no trials for English Regional Academies in September 2020.

  • As the Covid-19 situation changes nationally and regionally on a daily basis, we cannot currently confirm what academy activities will take place this year with due consideration given to regional variances.
  • RALs are not obliged to run academy activity during this time. RALs have been encouraged to make decisions based on their personal circumstances first, the need of academy athletes second, thirdly to assess the availability and cost of hiring facilities and finally the appropriateness of holding activity during this pandemic.

The process for inclusion in English Regional Academy and England Next Generation programmes for 2020-21 (planned to run from Jan-Sept 2020) can be found in the documents below.

English Regional Academy 2020/2021 process

England Next Generation Programme 2020/2021 process

English Regional Academy application form 

Regional Academies

Regional Academies are in place to provide guidance for triathlon coaches, clubs, parents and talented young athletes who aspire and have the potential to compete at the highest level within the sport of triathlon. The academy is run by a Regional Lead who is the direct link and a bridge between the region and the England Programme. Academies are not designed to replace the home training environment, rather to add to it. For more information on Regional Academy selection please visit here and/or read our Regional Academy Guide here.

England Next Generation

England Next Generation is an extension of the Regional Academies and is the Home Nation Talent programme for England. It is for the very best young triathletes in England between the ages of 15 and 19. The squad is split into two tiers; Performance Foundation (PF) and Performance Development (PD), and usually consists of around 25 - 35 athletes in total. Similar to Regional Academies it operates as an ‘add value’ camp based programme with athletes coming together at selected weekends throughout the year either to train and/or race. There are very close links between England Next Generation and the World Class Programme. Coaches and Sports Science/Medicine Practitioners work very closely across both Programmes to better align coaching and support services. England Next Generation also delivers a bespoke education programme linked to the ADF and the philosophy of whole athlete development, to better aid athletes in the transition into post-18 life (e.g. National Training Centres, the World Class Programme) as well as better manage the ups, downs and challenges associated with being a world leading athlete.

Selection to England Next Generation is based on a number of factors such as race results, athlete development linked to the Athlete Development Framework, technical skills and the various attitudinal and performance behaviours that are requisite for long term success and development in the sport. The normal route of entry into England Next Generation is through a Regional Academy; Academies support athletes in developing the skills, knowledge and understanding to support a smooth transition into the programme. More information on selection to England Next Generation can be found here (under Junior Selection Policies).

Please also find information on Performance Standards here.

Any further queries please contact francescabolt@britishtriathlon.org

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