Winter home and away with Havering Tri Club


Supporting their members to swim, bike, run 12 months of the year is a key principle for Havering Tri Club, tailoring their training programmes for the winter months and organising a warm weather training camp to Lanzarote.

“Our plan tends to start around the end of October,” commented Graham Goddard, chair of the club. “The foot comes off the pedal and we go into a more ‘base-level’ of training which runs in the build-up to Christmas.

“We run a club training camp in Club La Santa, Lanzarote every year. The last time we were out there and we arrived and got locked in. Our flights were cancelled and we eventually managed to get repatriated, then when we returned to the UK, the UK went into full lockdown.”

Having not run a camp last year due to the pandemic, over 30 athletes will travel with the club to Lanzarote as they prepare for the 2022 race season. The camp makes the most of the warmer weather to get swimming outdoors and focussing on bike sessions which the UK winter hampers.

“We started off seven years ago with 12 and it’s grown from there,” Goddard added. “For those that come to Lanzarote, some won’t have experienced a week of training where you’re active for a few hours every day.”

One of the days on the camp saw them complete a brick session which included a run around the lagoon at Club La Santa before a ride up through Soo, Munique, Tiagua and Tinajo, before returning for a second run around the lagoon.

The members of the club who don’t attend the camp join in with the fun from home, posting photos of individual and group sessions from the UK using the hashtag ‘notinLanza’ to go alongside the ‘#inLanza’ photos from the camp.

“That motivates them to get going,” Goddard added. “The nights are starting to get a bit lighter, hopefully storms are going to start to abate, and it kickstarts the year and motivates people towards our principle goals.”

The UK-based training included delivering a local coached track session that was free and open to all at Hornchurch Stadium.



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