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2023 News from the Chair

On a regular basis we try to keep you updated on the activities of those helping to run Triathlon London - the committee process, the plans and the actions. Read on...

6th Spetember 2023

On 6th September I chaired the Reginal Club Chairs meeting which was well attended and very constructive. My message to them was to confirm again the AGM and Awards date of the 8th October from 4-30 pm, that we needed a Chair and Secretary to step forward, and the Photo competition. The main issue and a joint message from all who attended in relation to the proposed increases and changes in Race Passes, concerns were raised around the research behind the proposals and the consultation process. There was a worry that the proposals would have a detrimental effect in many areas. The meeting was recorded and TE will be made aware of the powerful message from London Clubs. Minutes of the meeting will be compiled asap and will be circulated on the site.  Big thankyou to all the Club representatives who attended and contributed.    

18th July 2023

We had a very productive Committee meeting with a clear reinvigoration of the Region in all aspects.

Many thanks to all who attended and contributed. Again, the WhatsApp groups for the Club Chairs and the Coaches has grown and flourished.

The minutes for the meetings are HERE.

There was a Strategic Plan document circulated by Triathlon England HERE.

19th June 2023

Having been at The Crystal Palace Triathlon on 14th May when the very experienced team once again delivered a quality event for the London League, I was helping at the London League Bridge Triathlon yesterday 18th June.

It was great to again see so many London members and clubs taking part in both.

Both events were extremely well received with a pool swim at one and a testing open water swim at the other with closed road cycles and traffic free runs on solid paths and pavements.

Congratulations to both for quality events fit for the London League.


6th June 2023

Update on London Club Chairs meeting

There was a very interesting and informative Club Chairs meeting held on 6th June with almost half the London Club Chairs attending and a very welcomed attendance by Anna Gray the newly appointed Head Of Clubs and Regions at BTF. 
Brief Minutes can be downloaded HERE.

30th May 2023

Update on London Region activities
Our web site is currently being updated. 
We are in great shape with the leagues etc.
We now also have contacts for Coaches on an active Whats App group.
Club Chairs have another Whats app and social media platform.
Both are working exceptionally well.  If you wish to get involved, we would love to hear from you.
The Next Regional Club Chairs Meeting will take place next Tuesday, 6th June and is shaping up to be a lively and informative meeting.
We desperately need quality fresh blood for the Committee especially for the positions of Chair, Secretary and Vice Chair, all of whom will stand down in October. 
Very tentatively the date for our AGM is 2nd October but yet to be confirmed.
The next London Regional Committee meeting is 20th June and if you have anything to contribute,  please contact us. 
Chair - London Region     

18th April 2023

The London Region met face to face on 18th April. Minutes from the meeting are HERE

4th April 2023

Following the Chair standing down, myself (Alan Spelling) have been co- opted as interim Chair.

Also co-opted onto the group we have Andrzej Wahrhaftig as Secretary and Peter Lambert as Vice Chair adding to an excellent team of volunteers.

My first task was to chair a pre-arranged and very interesting Regional Chairs meeting. The minutes are HERE.

For 2023 we have a brilliant Senior and Junior Leagues and great support system in place for Coaching, welfare and all aspects of Triathlon in London.

The next step forward is a regional meeting on 18th April and any news will be shared here. 


21st March 2023

The Committee met virtually on 21st March primarily to discuss the vacant positions of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

The committee unanimously agreed to co -opt the following applicants :

Alan Spelling  as Chair

Andrzej Warhaftig as Secretary

Peter Lambert  as Vice  Chair.


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