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Reinvigorating the Region's Communication Channels

Triathlon London Website

Toby Smithson has taken over the role of ensuring Triathlon London maintains a robust and active website serving the region's members and wider, potential community of triathletes in London. Several committee members are now trained and capable of updating the website content using the BTF's PIMCORE system with the generous and ongoing support of the BTF project manager for the regional websites, Frank Baddick. Each executive board member has responsibility for ensuring the content pages related to their area of responsibility are up to date with information, news and useful links.

Regional Partnerships

Claudio Casarotti has been re-appointed as the 2014-15 Director for Partnerships and is tasked with the ongoing developiment of win-win Partnerships to support the Region’s activities. Through proposals to the Committee Claudio will be responsible for all areas concerning partnership within Triathlon London.

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