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Image Use

Terms and conditions of agreement for use of British Triathlon images:

  1.  To use the image(s) only for editorial purposes.
  2. At no time will the image(s) be used for commercial purposes such as: in an advert or commercial or to promote any product or service unless an agreement has been reached with British Triathlon.
  3. To give proper credit for the image(s). Unless otherwise stated, the credit line should read: photographer/British Triathlon. When the name of the photographer is supplied, this should be included in the credit. 
  4. Not to provide the image(s) to a third party or sponsor without the prior written consent of British Triathlon.
  5. To be responsible for any and all costs, expense, damage and liability arising because of any claim whatsoever which may be presented by anyone for loss or damage or other relief occasioned or caused by the release of images to the undersigned applicant and their use in any manner, including inspection, publication, reproduction, duplication or printing by anyone for any purpose whatsoever.
  6. Not to permit others to reproduce the image(s).
  7. Not to place the image(s) in another institution, repository, or collection, public or private.
  8. That British Triathlon in no way surrenders its own right to publish or otherwise use the image, or to grant permission for others to do so. That British Triathlon reserves the right to make exceptions or additions to the conditions stated herein.

Please contact the British Triathlon Media Team for any image enquiries:

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