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2018 ETU European Club Relay Championship Qualification


Find out how your club can represent Great Britain at the European Club Relay Championships.

At present the location and date of the 2018 event championship race is still to be confirmed. Full details of the selection race and eligibility can be found below.

Selection Race

26 August 2017, National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham

Mixed Team Relay Event (Two men, Two women)

Organised by OSB Events


Via the event organiser’s website, fees apply.


Run tag relay of 4 x 500m Swim - 15k Bike - 5km

Each member of the team individually swimming 500metres, before tagging their team mate, and so on, and so on, until all four people have completed the swim. Moving onto the 15km bike, each athlete individually completes the 15km bike, until the last team member then tags the first team member to start the 5km run section.

Teams must include 2 male and 2 female athletes.

Please note this differs from the European Club championship format which consists of an ITU Style Triathlon Mixed Team Relay – Two men & two women per team

250m swim, 5km bike, 1.5km run

Each athlete completes the swim bike and run before tagging their partner.

2018 ETU European Club Relay Championships


Clubs are eligible, as long as they are current and valid clubs registered with their relevant Home Nation Association (Triathlon England, Welsh Triathlon, Triathlon Scotland), and at least two years history of being a registered club. Clubs must be registered with their Home Nation Association no later than 28 days before the date of competition.

ETU have stipulated that Clubs must properly constituted clubs and not trade or professional teams. Clubs that are unsure whether they can be considered or not should contact their Home Nation Association or British Triathlon to clarify their position no later than 28 days before competition.

Club name, as is registered with their Home Nation Association, must be declared at the point of entry. All team members must wear club kit during the qualification event.

Individual team members must be considered “British” as defined in the British Triathlon Competiton Rules (Section 24). Team members can be from different Home Nation Associations. Individual members must be members of that club, however this does not need to be detailed on their membership card. All team members must present valid membership cards at registration at the event, failure to do so will automatically make a team ineligible.

Team members can be classed as either age-group or elite athletes. Minimum age of 17 years as at 31 December 2017.

(For the avoidance of doubt, these rules apply to only this race over the Relays weekend, normal rules as defined by Triathlon England and the Event Organiser apply to all other races).

Notification of intent to qualify

Clubs will be required to notify British Triathlon that they wish to be considered to be selected no later than 5pm on Friday 29 September. They must email with each team members name along with their best sprint or super sprint performance from the 2017 season (if applicable).  

Failure to notify either British Triathlon by this deadline will mean that the club cannot be selected to represent Great Britain, but can still compete in the race.


Selection will be based on a first past the post system, whereby the first eligible team to finish and have registered by the 29th September will be automatically selected.

If Great Britain receive two or three team starts within the European Club Relay championships then the second and third team will be chosen based on their result on the day combined with their members best season performances.

Clubs are required to accept their nomination to represent Great Britain no later than 5 working days after their formal offer. This can be done by speaking to a British Triathlon representative on the day, or by emailing If a team does not take up its place, a roll down system will be applied.

Discretionary team places

If your club are unable to compete at the event for a valid reason but have evidence of recent form then they must notify British Triathlon or their intent to qualify by 5pm 29 September. This must include the list of the 4 club members with recent performance results (2017 results only) from a super sprint or sprint distance triathlon.

Team make up:

At least two of the four members who race in the ETU Club Relay European Championships must have competed in the qualification event. Replacement team members should be of equal or similar competitive standard to the athlete they have replaced, so as not to reduce the overall competitiveness of the team.

Clubs are asked to make British Triathlon aware as soon as practically possible if their team changes to the point where they are no longer competitive, or simply unable to compete. If time allows, a replacement team will be sought.

All replacement club members, must still be valid Home Nation Association Members, and members of that club.


Each club and individual team members will be required to wear their club kit to compete at the European Championships. Logo’s on this kit must comply with ITU Uniform Rules.


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