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2018 Glasgow ETU Triathlon European Championships Roll of Honour


Celebrating our medal winners at the 2018 Glasgow ETU Triathlon European Championships


Race Category Medallist(s)
Age-Group Female Eden Schiller (FU20), Hannah Dodwell (F20-24), Alison Mackenzie (F30-34), Heather Fell (F35-39), Trish Deykin (F40-44), Lena Poulton (F45-49), Maria Powell (F50-54), Barbara Holmes (F55-59), Joyce Mark (F60-64), Anne Hughes (F65-69), Peggy Crome (F75-79)
Age-Group Male Jack Shayler (MU20), William Kirk (M20-24), Edward Castro (M30-34), James Wilson (M35-39), Donald Brooks (M40-44) Simon Cook (M45-49), Stuart Robinson (M55-59), Chris Goulden (M60-64), Keith Bate (M65-69), Michael Smallwood (M70-74), Arnott Kidd (M80+)


Race Category Medallist(s)
Elite Female Jess Learmonth
Age-Group Female Brooke Gillies (F20-24), Brittany Tate (F25-29), Kiera Gore (F30-34), Kirsty O'Brien (F35-39), Gwen Kinsey (F40-44), Emma Fisher (F45-49), Kerstin Mogull (F55-59), Penny Rother (F60-64), Sandy Anning (F65-69), Pam Oliver (F70-74), Jane Askey (F75-79)
Age-Group Male William Dixon (MU20), David Pearson (M20-24), Samual Woods (M25-29), Daniel Jenkin (M30-34), Chris Stanton (M35-39), Matthew Barnes (M40-44), Paul James (M45-49), Mark Russell (M50-54), Alan Bremner (M55-59), Michael Dunne (M65-69), Richard File (M70-74), Roger Kiernan (M75-79), Peter Norman (M80+)


Race Category Medallist(s)
Age-Group Female Grace Goodall (FU20), Claire Danson (F25-29), Erica Booth (F35-39), Corinne Moss (F40-44), Celia Miall (F45-49), Jacqui Thomson (F55-59), Mary Derrick (F60-64), Julia Hector (F65-69), Helen Hayes (F70-74)
Age-Group Male Reuben Trotter (MU20), Lewis Strachan (M20-24), Timothy Wood (M25-29), James Dean (M30-34), Paul Ryman (35-39), Timothy Watson (M45-49), Tim Ashelford (M50-54), David Auchie (M55-59), Alexander Graham Whyte (M60-64), Stephen Williams (M65-69), Alexander Heron (M70-74), Don Shotton (M75-79)

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