2020 Competition Rules Update


Following ratification by the British Triathlon Technical Committee, the 2020 British Triathlon Competition Rules will be applied to all domestic racing from Monday 27 January.

British Triathlon have undertaken their annual review of the rules which govern triathlon and multisport competition in Great Britain, ensuring they are up to date and promote safe and fair competition. The British Triathlon Competition Rules regulate all Home Nation Permitted Events and the 2020 rules, and a summary of the changes, are available below.

Anyone taking part in or organising events in Britain should familiarise themselves with the updated rules for 2020 to ensure they are aware of the changes. British Triathlon qualified Technical Officials have been issued with updates to the rules and guidance on their implementation to help support participants and event organisers in line with their release.

With this being an Olympic and Paralympic year, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) have not made any changes to the international rules since their update in June 2019. As such, only a small number of changes that reflect developments and needs in domestic racing have been made to the British Triathlon Competition Rules for 2020.

Anyone representing the Great Britain Age-Group Team in ETU or ITU races should familiarise themselves with the ITU Competition Rules which may differ slightly from the British ones.

Howard Vine, British Triathlon Technical Committee Chair, said: “Safe and fair competition is important to the development of the sport across Britain and to helping participants have a great swim, bike, run experience.

“These updates have been made to reflect participation in Britain and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants at Permitted Events across England, Scotland and Wales.”

2020 Competition Rules Summary of 2020 Changes

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