2022 British Triathlon Super Series champions crowned at Eton Dorney


This year's British Triathlon Youth & Junior and Senior Super Series champions were crowned at the final race at Eton Dorney where the eliminator format provided a final opportunity for athletes to add points to their overall totals.

With the Paratri prizes awarded at last month’s British Triathlon Super Series Grand Final in Sunderland, the event at Eton Dorney was the final action of this year’s Super Series which has featured 11 events, nine different venues and over 450 athletes.

The British Triathlon Super Series provides competitive racing and development opportunities throughout the year for the best up-and-coming triathletes and paratriathletes in Britain with athletes earning points at events throughout the series.

The Youth & Junior Super Series saw athletes compete in male and female categories depending on their age group, starting with the Performance Assessments on the first weekend in April.

With athlete development a key focus, there was an opportunity for athletes to put their swim and run skills to the test in the aquathlon events at either Lochore Meadows or Bowood House which were included on the series calendar as well as triathlon events in Llanelli, Mallory Park, British Triathlon Super Series Grand Final Sunderland and the final race at Eton Dorney.

Topping the Youth A female rankings was Super Series debutant Lauren Mitchell, whose four wins earned her the highest points total possible, while Brandon Pye was the male winner having not finished outside the top-two all year, claiming two wins.

In the Youth B category, Millie Breese secured the overall win with her third victory of the year at Eton Dorney, with Christo Chilton claiming the male title having been ever-present in the top-three.

Bethany Cook continued her set of Super Series titles by adding the female junior title to the Youth A and Youth B honours she has won in previous years. Ryan Symington topped the male podium at the end of a series which has included two wins for him.

The Senior Super Series was made-up of five events, all triathlon, including at AJ Bell 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds and at British Triathlon Super Series Grand Final Sunderland.

Ending the series at the top of the podium were Jess Fullagar and Hamish Reilly who rounded-off their successful years to date with the overall victories in the female and male rankings, respectively.

Races in this year’s British Triathlon Paratri Super Series have also been held throughout the year with last month’s British Triathlon Super Series Grand Final Sunderland the final race in the series and where the champions and podium athletes were presented with their trophies.

The Paratri Super Series included for the first time a race at Volvo 2022 World Triathlon Para Series Swansea where Britain’s up-and-coming talent was able to compete at the same event as the world’s best.

Across the different classifications, the series winners were: Claire Danson (PTWC Female), Bret Crossley (PTWC Male), Louis Rolfe MBE (PTS2 Male), Felix Barrow (PTS3 Male), Tammy Barrett (PTS4 Female), Finley Jakes (PTS4 Male), Cheryl Went (PTS5 Female), Tom Barnard (PTS5 Male) and Dave Ellis (PTVI Male).


2022 British Triathlon Youth & Junior Super Series podiums

Youth A Female

  1. Lauren Mitchell
  2. Gabriella Horne
  3. Rebecca Van Aardt

Youth A Male

  1. Brandon Pye
  2. Harry Maxwell
  3. Joshua Prendergast

Youth B Female

  1. Millie Breese
  2. Isla Hedley
  3. Ellie Van Der Merwe

Youth B Male

  1. Christo Chilton
  2. Deri Mccluskey
  3. Josh Cumberland

Junior Female

  1. Bethany Cook
  2. Issy Hayes
  3. Lizzy Edge

Junior Male

  1. Ryan Symington
  2. Joe Sherman
  3. Ben Cumberland

2022 British Triathlon Senior Super Series podiums

Senior Female

  1. Jess Fullagar
  2. Daisy Davies
  3. Tilly Anema

Senior Male

  1. Hamish Reilly
  2. James Chantler-Mayne
  3. Jack Stanton-Stock

2022 British Triathlon Paratri Super Series podiums


  1. Bret Crossley
  2. Darren Williams
  3. Chris Feeley

PTWC Female

  1. Claire Danson

PTS2 Male

  1. Louis Rolfe MBE

PTS3 Male

  1. Felix Barrow

PTS4 Female

  1. Tammy Barrett
  2. Shona Brownlee

PTS4 Male

  1. Finley Jakes
  2. David Jones

PTS5 Female

  1. Cheryl Went

PTS5 Male

  1. Thomas Barnard
  2. Michael Salisbury
  3. Jack Green


  1. Dave Ellis
  2. Nathaniel Costigan
  3. Rhys Jones

To find out more about the British Triathlon Paratri Super Series, please visit the Super Series website here.

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