A message from the organisers of Leeds


We are very sorry for letting many of you down in the open race on Sunday (12 June) in Leeds.

Dear triathletes and volunteers,


We are very sorry for letting many of you down in the open race on Sunday in Leeds. This was a big disappointment for us in our ambition to deliver great events and racing. Our focus is on helping those affected and improving our planning and management of future events.


We have commissioned an independent review of the event to determine what went wrong. We will include all the feedback  we have  received from you, and will be contacting some of you directly to make sure we truly understand your experiences on Sunday.


The transitions and bag problems in particular stand out amongst the issues, but we are fully aware that these were not the only problems. 


We always knew that a closed roads race with split transitions was going to be a challenge, but we wanted to provide a unique and memorable racing opportunity. Whilst we have received some positive comments about the open race, the reality was that this event had multiple logistical problems. 


We are sorry for the anxiety, frustration and inconvenience that was caused. The organising team of British Triathlon and IRONMAN want to address the problems from last weekend and get them right for future events. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who did a fantastic job; we are sorry that some of them were not supported appropriately throughout the event.


We are committed to the triathlon community and we are currently reviewing options as to how best we can earn back your confidence, and will share more details next week.


Please direct all your queries to service@lu-events.com


The organising team from IRONMAN and British Triathlon.



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