British Triathlon, Swim England and RLSS UK promote open water swimming safety with SH2OUT


SH₂OUT has been developed to further promote and progress open water swimming with an emphasis on safety within the sport.

Fundamentally, the aim of SH₂OUT is to promote safety and enjoyment in open water swimming.

In recent years, open water swimming has become increasingly popular, with a real demand being seen for recreational swimming. This year, SH₂OUT is free for venues as a one-off promotion.

Aiming to deliver safe venues, SH₂OUT provides a publicly recognised quality standard for open water swimming venues and ensures that open water swimming is delivered to approved standards.

To ensure the safety of venues, SH₂OUT works to ensure that open water swimming providers know exactly what qualifications, safety procedures and standards of competence are expected.

With the motivation to inspire participation and enable more people to take part in open water swimming safely, SH₂OUT also provides industry guidance, market leading education, support and advice to the triathlon and lifesaving community.

SH₂OUT works to remove barriers and to encourage participation. Reaching across different age and social groups to provide an engaging, fun, and safe open water experience.

British Triathlon’s partnership with Swim England and RLSS UK has led to this joint vision that allows the sport of open water swimming to grow and develop in a safe manner.

SH₂OUT works on a venue accreditation basis, meaning that it supports venue operators to ensure that open water swimming opportunities are delivered to approved standards.

In the current COVID-19 situation, the team behind SH₂OUT has also provided guidance on open water swimming. The guidance advises that whilst open water swimming is permitted by the government, swimmers should consider whether it is a socially responsible thing to do; due to the inherent dangers, increased risk and pressure that this may cause the NHS and emergency services.

If you are new to open water swimming, it is not advised that you go open water swimming outside of an operated and supervised venue which has a safety crew (many of these are not open currently).



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