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British Triathlon and Busby partner up to help keep members safe


British Triathlon has announced Busby as their newest partner in a relationship that will work to enhance member’s safety.

The free smartphone app provides additional safety and peace of mind by detecting an incident when users are out running, cycling or walking through features built into the app.

As Official Fitness Safety Partner of British Triathlon, all Home Nation members will be able to access a discount on a premium Busby account through their member area here.

Busby works by monitoring the sensors within the user’s phone and if the app recognises something irregular, it will start a countdown timer.

If there is no response from the user during the countdown, Busby will automatically send an alert to their emergency contact, letting them know where they are so that help can arrive quicker than ever before. The free membership allows users to allocate one emergency contact, whilst the premium membership allows up to five.

SmartStart also allows users to set SafeZones like their home, office or parents’ home. When they are within 200m of a SafeZone, Busby stops monitoring the sensors within their phone.

Once they leave their SafeZones, Busby automatically powers up in the background of their phone, giving them additional safety and also rewarding them in the process. It’s not a tracking system but simply monitors the sensors natively in phones and, if the users need help, it will be there to assist them.

Further features of the app include ‘Flare’, which allows users to send a notification to other Busby users nearby or local bike shops in case of a mechanical or medical issue, as well as the chance to earn rewards from global brands.

Andy Salmon, British Triathlon CEO, said: “Helping our members to feel protected whilst they’re exercising is really important to us which is why we’re excited to be partnering with Busby.

“Many of our members go on solo runs and rides as well as club sessions, and Busby will help to provide them and their loved ones with extra peace of mind in case an incident should occur.”

James Duffy, Co-founder and Commercial Director of Busby, said: “We are excited to announce our partnership with British Triathlon, where Busby will be used to increase the safety of their members whilst training outdoors.

“Members will benefit from all of Busby’s safety features, including highly accurate incident detection. In addition, intelligent group safety features ensure no one is left behind, and personal SOS alerting can be easily activated if a user proactively needs help, assistance or feels threatened in any way.

“Busby also rewards users for protecting their activities, whereby users earn sweatcoins that they can use to pay for exclusive discounts and goods and in the Busby Marketplace.
This partnership provides rewarded safety for all British Triathlon members and peace of mind for their loved ones!”


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